Breakfast Booster Cooking Class

Osborne Park, Perth

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  • Discover nutritionally balanced breakfasts to keep you feeling fuller for longer
  • Develop healthy cooking habits for life
  • Learn from knowledgeable presenters

Getting a boost of energy in the morning is so important for staying active and alert throughout the day, but many of us either dont know what makes a healthy breakfast or choose to skip it altogether. Learn how to make time in the morning for the most important meal of the day!

Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

  • 90 minute healthy cooking class
  • Friendly and knowledgable instructor
  • Recipes to take home with you

Learn why it is so important to start your day with a healthy breakfast. You will be shown what exactly is in the cereal you have been eating (you will be amazed!) and explain how to choose healthier cereals. You will be provided with several quick and easy breakfast recipes that will keep you fuller for longer, maintain your focus and energy, improve your productivity throughout the day and have your taste buds dancing with joy. Motivational tips to help you change your morning eating habits and stay on track will also be given.

All recipes have been developed by a team of nutritionists.Using only fresh, locally grown produce, the recipes you will cook are seasonal and dependant on which ingredients are readily available at the market. This guarantees that the food cooked is not only fresh, delicious and nutritionally sound but also budget friendly. All recipes are nutritionally analysed and priced so you know exactly what goodness you are feeding your body and how much it will cost. Some of these recipes include buttermilk and blueberry pancakes, berry, yoghurt and muesli parfaits, fabulous french toast with orange and ricotta, and seasonal fruit bircher muesli with yoghurt and fresh apple.

On the Day

Session Length

Please allow 90-120 minutes for the duration of this experience.

Numbers on the Day

There will be a maximum of 12 participants on the day.

Dress Code

  • Please wear casual and comfortable clothes as well as flat, closed in shoes
... and Importantly


Suitable for all levels of cooking experience.


  • A minimum of 48 Hours notice is required should you wish to reschedule your experience