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Bungee jumping

Bungee jumping will give you an incomparable feeling of sheer elation as you freefall at the end of a long elastic cord. But bungee is not for the faint hearted, so be ready for a serious adrenaline rush you'll be talking about for years to come. 3,2,1...bungee!

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Bungee jumping experiences

Have you always wanted to feel the ultimate rush and get your heart pumping with an action-packed experience? Well there is no better way to experience the thrill than with a bungee jump. This is a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget and rave about to all your friends. It’ll get your heart pumping as you take a leap of faith and free fall before the cord rebounds, catching your fall.

If you’re looking for an action-packed gift idea, you can’t go past bungee jumping. Imagine the look of surprise and delight on their face when they open their RedBalloon voucher to discover they get to experience a thrilling and memorable bungee jumping experience. This is one of those bucket list-worthy presents they will always remember, taking your gift-giving to a whole new level!

Where can I bungee jump in Australia?

For the best place to enjoy bungee jumping Australia wide, we recommend Cairns. This location is renowned for its bungee jumping experiences and definitely worth ticking off once in your life. The bungee jumping Cairns venue is located just 15 minutes north from the city and free transport from Cairns may be available with our experiences.

What are the best bungee jumping experiences?

RedBalloon offers some of the best bungee jumps Australia has to offer. Whether you’re looking for a jump for yourself or someone else, we recommend:

  • Tower bungy jump with transfers: Climb to the top of the tower to experience the bungy jump of a lifetime! Whether you decide to touch the water when you bungy jump or to remain dry, this jump is definitely going to get the adrenaline pumping. If extreme sports are your thing, you just can’t go past tower bungy jumping!
  • Bungy jump and jungle swing combo with transfers: Experience a Bungy Jump and the Giant Jungle Swing all in one day! The 50 metre Cairns Bungy Tower has seen thousands of people face their fears in their own personal challenge and laughed in the face of gravity! A breathtaking ground rush like no other. Then top this off by tackling the giant jungle swing that swoops through the jungle from 45 metres down to 1 metre in 3.5 seconds.
  • Unlimited bungy jumps – full day: This is the ultimate daredevil package that will have your heart pumping all day long! Experience a VIP day with unlimited bungy jumps and giant jungle swings with lunch included! Experience a rush like no other with unlimited bungy jumps and perhaps you could work your way through the 16 different styles of jumping and perfect the art. To top it off while you’re there, you can enjoy unlimited giant jungle swings and fly through the rainforest reaching speeds of up to 120km/h!

Is bungee jumping dangerous?

If you’re worried about the risks associated with bungee jumping this is completely normal. Although there can be some small injuries such as whiplash, RedBalloon only works with trusted, reputable suppliers to provide the safest bungee jumping experiences. To ensure your safety, some bungee jumps may have a weight and age restriction. Please refer to each individual experience for more information.

Adventure sports

Find bungy jumping and plenty more action-packed experiences from the RedBalloon range of adventure sports. From bridge climbing and paintballing to canyoning and abseiling, these are the perfect experiences to get your heart pumping whilst enjoying the outdoors.


If you’re looking for more ideas that will bring out your inner daredevil, the sky’s the limit! There is nothing more thrilling than jumping out of a plane from up to 15,000 feat in the sky with a skydiving experience. Discover skydiving in locations all around Australia on RedBalloon and tick off an experience of a lifetime.

Bungy jumping New Zealand

If you loved the sound of these bungee jumping experiences, why not head to the heartland of thrilling experiences and tackle their bungy jumps! New Zealand is home to some of the best and highest bungy jumps in the southern hemisphere and the perfect destination for any adrenaline junkies. Discover all there action-packed bungy jumping at Redballoon.

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