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Scuba diving and snorkelling

Scuba diving courses and snorkeling tours are a wonderful way to explore the magic of the ocean. Go deep beneath the waves with a scuba diving course or paddle around amongst the rocks with snorkelling. Which will you choose? Perhaps both? Whether you opt for a scuba diving or snorkelling, you're bound to be mesmerised. So attach your snorkel, mask or scuba equipment and get set for an amazing experience. Discover a range of packages from the Great Barrier Reef to the Western Australia coast and everywhere in between.

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122 Results


Dive into the crystal clear waters off Australia and spend the day exploring marine life and the underwater world during your snorkelling experience. Australia offers plenty of amazing locations to snorkel from the Western Australia coast to the renowned Great Barrier Reef. At RedBalloon you’ll find a variety of snorkel packages perfect for beginners, families or those looking for a day out on the water.

Best snorkelling spots

If you’re looking for the best snorkel locations, RedBalloon offers a variety of experiences at these spots. Listed below are just some of the incredible places you can explore on a snorkel tour.

  • The Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays, Queensland
  • Julian Rocks at Bryon Bay, New South Wales
  • Ningaloo Reef and Coral Bay, Western Australia
  • Port Phillip Bay, Victoria
  • Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Scuba diving

If you’re already a confident at snorkelling and ready to try something new, why not dive into a scuba diving experience. We offer a variety of packages perfect for first-timers ready for an introduction package through to certified open water diving courses. This is the perfect experience for someone wanting to explore the depths of the ocean and the spectacular marine life. Similar to snorkelling, there are a plenty of spots across the country you can tick off a scuba dive at including Phillip Island, Gold Coast, Bryon Bay, the Great Barrier Reef plus so much more.

How deep can you scuba dive?

When you’re scuba diving, you can get to lower depths than is possible with snorkelling. However every diver needs to know how deep they can go without posing a risk, particularly if you are beginner. Therefore you should always only dive within the limits of your training and experience. After you go below 6 metres, it becomes necessary to make decompression stops on the way up. However for those qualified and with plenty of experience you can try deep diving which usually begins at 18 metres. Depending on the experience you book, the instructor may set depth limits to ensure you can enjoy a safe scuba diving experience.

How long does a scuba tank last?

When you’re scuba diving you will be using an oxygen tank to help you breathe underwater. There are several factors that can impact how long your tank will last including diving depths, air consumption rate and tank size. However rule of thumb is that you can usually get 45 minutes to 1 hour out of a tank.

What is snorkelling and scuba diving?

For those who don’t really know what the difference is, snorkelling is when you pop on a pair of half face goggles with a pipe attached so that you can breathe as you skim the water and head down to peek at the beautiful ocean beneath. You usually have flippers attached to your feet that help you glide along without the need to wear scuba diving gear. But depending where you decide to snorkel, you may need to wear more snorkelling gear. If your experience requires you to wear the whole shebang, your snorkelling equipment will consist of a mask, snorkel, fins and wetsuit. Although snorkelling is nowhere near as complicated as scuba diving, the experience you choose may still require you to complete snorkelling lessons to be on the safe side.

Scuba diving on the contrary is a little more intricate. There’s more training involved and often requires lessons to acquire a Scuba Diving License before you can get anywhere close the the ocean floor. This experience requires an oxygen tank plus other equipment to ensure for a successful dive. RedBalloon have a great range of scuba diving experiences including options that are perfect for the non-certified diver. All you need to bring are your swimmers and a towel!

Which is better snorkelling or scuba diving?

You know we can’t be biased but we know people who love to dive and people who can’t stop raving about snorkelling! Both have their benefits depending on what you want to see. If you’re looking to ease your way into the deep blue sea, snorkelling is a great way to start out before advancing on to scuba diving. However diving is a great way to explore marine life and the reef systems. No matter which you pick, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time and see incredible underwater sights.

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