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Stunt driving

Learn to drive like they do in the movies in stunt driving school. Spin the stunt car and jump from ramp to ramp, you'll get an adrenaline rush and also impress spectators too. So next time you're trying to speed away from the bad guys, your stunt driving skills will come in handy.

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Stunt driving courses and experiences

Have you always wanted to experience those famous driving scenes you always see in the action movies? Now you can with an exhilarating stunt driving experience. You’ll slide, spin and speed down the course during this memorable driving lesson that you’ll rave about to all your friends! RedBalloon offers plenty of amazing stunt driving courses to choose from, making it easier to find the right experience for you whether you’re looking for a package in your local city or whilst travelling.

A ride around a stunt driving course is also the perfect gift idea for the driving enthusiast in your life. Whether they are celebrating a special occasion like Christmas, their birthday or any other milestone, these drifting and stunt driving lessons are enriching experiences they will always remember.

What is stunt driving?

Stunt driving involves the driver engaging in manoeuvres, spins, flips, barrel rolls, high-speed chases plus more that you often see in movies or TV shows. However there is more to stunt driving then just driving fast or recklessly. In fact, it involves a professional stunt driver carrying out precise driving instructions that must be followed in order for the shot to be successful. These drivers are experts who have plenty of training around how to carry out these stunts and know exactly how the vehicle will perform. RedBalloon offers a variety of courses and lessons if you want to experience what it is like to be a stunt driver, even if it’s just for the day!

Where are stunt driving courses?

There are a variety of locations around the country that offer stunt driving lessons and experiences. These are all available on RedBalloon, making it easier for you to book in your package. Some of the best places to book in a stunt car experience include Brisbane, Perth, Melbourne, Parwan and Sandown Raceway.

Learn to drift

Whilst you’re enjoying one of the our stunt drives, why not also learn to drift! We offer a range of experiences that will help you unleash your inner rev-head and burn some rubber as you lean to drift in a specialised car. A professional stunt driver will take you through a range of manoeuvres and braking techniques to get you drifting like an expert in no time! Your drifting lesson will kick off with a safety briefing and introduction to the cars before you jump in with the instructor and begin learning the basics. Think 90 degree handbrake slides, barrel turns, figure 8’s, tandem drift doughnuts plus more!

Driving experiences

If you loved our exhilarating stunt drives, discover our entire range of driving experiences. There are plenty of action-packed options to choose including V8 hot laps, quad biking, go karting, rally driving and so much more. You’ll find the perfect driving activity near you with experiences available across the country.

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