Feel the ultimate rush with skydiving! If your looking for a gift for the ultimate adrenaline junkie, a skydive ticks all those boxes. With tandem skydiving, skydive over the beach and even indoor skydiving, you'll find the perfect action-packed experience for you or as a gift. As we offer skydiving experiences all over Australia, now is the perfect time to book your jump and feel the exhilarating rush of a lifetime as you free-fall!

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119 Results

Defying gravity has its challenges and rewards. If the prospect of leaping from an airborne plane, free as a bird, cushioned by the clear blue sky, excites you, RedBalloon has the answer.  We offer a range of skydiving activities, Australia wide, which are designed to be experienced in maximum safety and with breathtaking exhilaration levels. Whether it’s tandem skydiving over the beach, even skydiving indoors, at night or day, the choice and location is yours. At RedBalloon, skydiving simulators will have Australia learning to skydive in no time.

With the help of highly trained technicians, you will be provided with the safety, comfort and know-how of how to skydive like a pro, while overcoming any adrenaline-charged fear factor. Free-falling from 15,000-feet above sea level is our business. We’re a Sydney-based company and pioneer in experiential gifting. We offer Australia-wide skydiving deals that are not only within your price range, but also the impetus and inspiration for you to soar like never before. Wherever you are located, cheap skydiving is guaranteed at RedBalloon, and you will be richly rewarded for the experience.

Free fall

Accelerated free fall is the fastest way to experience tandem free fall, from 10,000 to 15,000 feet in the air. You’ll be safely and effortlessly covered by one or sometimes two trained instructors, who are dedicated solely to you.

Indoor skydiving

This is a skydiving simulator experience that will leave you craving to launch yourself into the open skies. Indoor skydiving involves gearing up in a jumpsuit, goggles and helmet and flying high in an invigorating wind tunnel chamber, which is powered by a constant stream of generated air. Dedicated centres throughout Australia allow for a fun, safe, exhilarating introduction to skydiving. These can be performed day or night and are not weather dependent. With no plane required, you’ll be able to take off whenever the mood takes you.

Skydiving deals

The range of skydiving experiences at RedBalloon is cheaper than you might imagine. We offer reduced rates on most of our skydiving packages, particularly midweek or off season. Prices vary, but they range from about $69 for two midweek, introductory indoor skydiving sessions to $329 for a weekend 15,000-feet solo skydive over the beach. And with Christmas fast approaching, a skydiving experience voucher makes an unforgettable gift idea.

Tandem jump

Two’s company when it comes to tandem skydiving. You’ll be safe and sound as you’re connected by harness to a trained instructor who will guide you through the entire exhilarating jump: from exit, free fall, piloting the canopy and landing. It’s an appealing and popular style of jump for all adrenaline junkies at RedBalloon.

Adrenaline skydiving

Much more than an adrenaline rush, skydiving has many health benefits including stress relief, facing and overcoming personal fears, upper body strength, building confidence and mental and physical rejuvenation. RedBalloon offers the experience of adrenaline skydiving at its exhilarating best.

Where to skydive?

Wherever you’re located in Australia, RedBalloon has you covered. With breathtaking vistas that are only afforded by a bird’s-eye view, skydiving the beach in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Byron Bay, Rockingham or Rottnest Island, the Sunshine or Gold Coast, Great Ocean Road, St Kilda Beach to Perth and Airlie Beach in the Whitsundays, or rural landscapes at their picturesque best over Victoria’s Yarra Valley or Nagambie is assured with a host of incredible packages from RedBalloon. Before stepping outside your comfort zone, you may wish to consider our unforgettable skydiving deals at any of these prime destinations throughout Australia, starting with our introductory indoor experiences:

Introduction to indoor skydiving (two flights), midweek: Learn to skydive, Australia, with skydiving simulator experiences in custom-built centres. Even indoors, you can still reach for the stars as you skydive at night if you’re too busy during weekdays.

High-fly indoor sky package (two flights): At iFLY Indoor skydive centres, be buoyed by the rush of wind tunnels in ultra-safe surrounds, with maximum exhilaration and without extensive waiting times. Tandem skydive, 14,000 feet, weekend: Absorb spectacular views and 60 seconds of free fall as you soar through the air, accompanied, with the greatest of ease. Enjoy five minutes of fly time and take full control of steering before your soft landing. Skydive over the beach, 10,000, 14,000 or 15,000 feet, weekday or weekend: Experience 60 seconds of free fall and eight minutes of tandem air time, directly over the beach. This is ideal for a date to remember. Skydive over the beach, 15,000 feet, weekend: Float like a bird under your canopy for seven to eight minutes, while you soak up spectacular beach and city views. This is the ultimate in adrenaline skydiving.

Some of our exclusive offers include:

Jet-boat ride and iFLY indoor skydiving at the Gold Coast, which includes a heart-racing boat ride on the beautiful waterways surrounding the Gold Coast, followed by an exhilarating indoor skydiving session. This experience is designed for unforgettable family fun.

Ultimate skydive, Harley ride and brewery drinks experience in Wollongong, departing Sydney. Get your motor running with a scenic Harley ride through the Royal National Park and Sea Cliff Bridge. Then be buoyed by a 14,000-feet tandem skydive over spectacular coastline before kicking back with a refreshing beverage or two at a local brewery.

Which skydive company should I use?

At RedBalloon, we provide potential high fliers with a range of skydiving experiences to choose from set amid a stunning natural backdrop. You’ll be free-falling like a bird and caressing the clouds as you dominate gravity from on high. For indoor and simulator skydiving, night skydiving, adrenaline skydiving and all your thrill-seeking skydiving desires practically anywhere in Australia, with highly trained instructors, the only way is up at RedBalloon.

What should I know before going skydiving?

Expect the unexpected. Apart from an initial overwhelming bodily and psychological fear, free-falling at 200 kilometres per hour for 45 to 60 seconds is guaranteed to induce goosebumps, perspiration, heightened blood pressure, sharpened senses, or all of the above. It’s an adrenaline rush like never before and your fitness levels and medical wellbeing should be in tiptop shape to withstand these sensory pressures.

What to wear: Lightweight, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of moveability is always recommended, and light, firm-fitting footwear, such as a good runner, will have you looking and feeling the part. Inclement or wild weather precludes skydiving activity, so you’ll need clear skies and fine, temperate conditions to maximise this thrill-seeking experience of a lifetime. Call and check on the day if clouds are gathering and rain is forecast.

When you’re in the air, just in case you forget, remember to breathe. This may sound like an obvious statement, but upon jumping out of the plane, people sometimes forget to exhale as they are so overwhelmed by the wild rush. Importantly, remember to live in the moment. Tandem skydiving is incredibly safe and instructors comply with the highest safety standards. Relax, smile and enjoy the ride. Reassuring, skilled and friendly instructors are trained to help make the experience so memorable that you’ll want to do it all over again.