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Health and fitness

Just because it's good for you, doesn't mean it has to be boring! If health and fitness is your thing, you'll love this range of dynamic experiences. Discover the best fitness gifts from wellness retreats, personal training sessions, yoga lessons and more. Explore the unique range of health gifts on RedBalloon.
29 Results
29 Results

The RedBalloon health and fitness range are the perfect experiences for promoting a state of complete mental, physical and social wellbeing. They are designed to focus on your mind, body and soul so you can either challenge, relax or reward your body. From rejuvenating wellness retreats to personal training and detox workshops to infrared saunas, you’ll find the perfect health and fitness experience for your needs.

These experiences are also the perfect gift ideas for the wellness warrior in your life. Whether they are super active, looking for motivation, want to learn more about their body or simply take time out for themselves, the RedBalloon health and fitness gifts will tick all the right boxes. They will be blown away by how thoughtful and unique your present is!

Health gifts

Are  you stuck on health gifts and don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, with the RedBalloon range of experiences you’ll find the best wellness activity for that special someone. No matter what the occasion – a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or any other important milestone, these health gifts will make their day even more memorable. Some of the best health gifts include a private infrared sauna session, salt therapy experience, floatation tank plus so much more.

Fitness gifts

Fitness gifts are the perfect ideas for those who love to exercise, are active or want to try new experiences that will positively impact their physical and mental health. RedBalloon offers a wide variety of men’s fitness and women’s fitness experiences that are perfect to gift. Don’t worry if you’re worried about picking the wrong experience. We offer free exchanges so the lucky recipient can always change it to another experience to better suit their needs or interests.

What is a good gift for someone who works out?

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone who works out it can be hard! You want to give them something that will complete their healthy lifestyle but you might not have any clue where to start. The RedBalloon health and fitness range are the best experiences for someone who works out. As they are already super active, why not gift them an experience that is about promoting overall wellbeing and can help heal muscle soreness from all their exercise. Some of the best ideas for this include massages, day spa packages and beauty treatments.

What to get a guy who likes to workout?

Does a man in your life have a special occasion coming up? If he is a gym junkie, super active or just loves to workout, why not gift him a health and fitness experience that will compliment his lifestyle! Some of the best fitness gifts for men include:

  • Private infrared sauna sessions: Enhance his sense of wellness and treat his body and mind to three private infrared sauna sessions. During this experience, the stress and tension will leave his body as he unwinds in the warming infrared heat for 40 minutes. As the machine radiates heat, he will sweat and feel the toxins deep within his body slowly melt away, burning up to 600 calories per session. Each session will have him closer to reaching optimal health and wellbeing.
  • Gym personal training session with Commando Steve: gift him and his 3 friends the ultimate fitness experience. He’ll get to workout and learn from The Biggest Loser Australia’s former trainer, Commando Steve. This indoor gym personal training session is set to challenge while being carefully catered to his fitness level. Not only will he leave feeling sweaty and stronger, but he’ll feel inspired to keep improving his physical and mental wellbeing during his own workout routines.
  • Salt therapy experience for 2 people: This Himalayan salt room provides the ultimate relaxation as he begins to regain and rebalance his health. The benefits include enhancing his lung capacity, strengthening his immune system and decreasing stress levels, which all improve his mood. It is also effective in treating skin conditions and providing respiratory relief. He can relax and unwind with a friend, and leave feeling revitalised and refreshed.

What to get a lady who likes to work out?

If you’re looking for gift ideas for women who love to work out, RedBalloon has some great unique experiences that will surprise and delight them. It doesn’t matter if they are looking to kick-start their fitness journey, improve technique or rejuvenate their body from their current exercise regime, these fitness and health gifts are the way to go:

  • 3 day health and wellness retreat: let her find her zen and restore her health at this three day yoga retreat. Nestled on a 20-acre property and overlooking gorgeous rural farmland, finding pure relaxation will come with ease. She will enjoy daily yoga classes, lifestyle talks and a number of body therapies. She won’t need to lift a finger as all meals are included, so treat her to a much needed escape from the stresses of everyday life.
  • Vinyasa yoga in the sky for 3 people: she’ll reach a whole new level of zen with this 60 minute Vinyasa yoga session. Set inside the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel, meditate and pose as she gently glides through the sky. She’ll be spoiled with 360 degree views of the city, as well as a Boost Juice and protein ball to enjoy after the class. This is one of the best fitness gifts for someone who is in need of relaxing, stretching and unwinding with some friends.
  • Healthy detox workshop: This informative two hour workshop will give her all the tools to do a three-day detox in the comfort of her own home. Run by a qualified nutritionist, she will learn how to flush toxins from her body, choose the correct foods and prepare them. She will also enjoy delicious tastings and leave with an instructional booklet packed with recipes, lifestyle tips and more.

What should be in a fitness gift basket?

If you’re creating a fitness gift basket and looking for something memorable and unique to include, why not add a RedBalloon health and fitness experience voucher. These eVouchers are ready instantly so all you need to do is pick the experience and print it. This will be perfect to add to the gift basket along with some other small fitness gifts like a drink bottle, towel and recipe book just to name a few examples.


If you loved the health and wellness range, why not compliment your experience with a massage. These are the perfect way to indulge your body to some relaxation and rejuvenation which is important for promoting overall health and wellbeing. Discover full body, Swedish, hot stones and plenty more massages on RedBalloon.

Spa and wellness

Find these health and fitness experiences plus more from the RedBalloon range of spa and wellness. From massages and day spa packages to hot springs and beauty treatments, these are some of the best experiences for relieving stress, reducing muscle soreness and pampering your body.

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