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Baking courses

If you’ve always loved the smell of fresh baked goods then we’ve got the perfect experience for you! Try your hand at one of our baking courses and learn to perfect pastries, pies, tarts, desserts and even gluten free options. They also make the perfect gift for someone who is always up for trying something new and hands on!

9 Results
9 Results

Baking classes

Who doesn’t love the smell of the kitchen after something delicious has just been baked? Or have you always been jealous of those people who are able to whip up amazing goodies? Now is the time to try one of the RedBalloon baking courses and create your own delicious homemade treats. You’ll blow away your family and friends at the next event with the indulging recipes and baked goods you have learnt from your experience.

Baking classes are also the perfect gift for someone who has a sweet tooth or loves trying new recipes in the kitchen. They are thoughtful and fun gifts no matter what the occasion, whether it’s for Mother’s Day, a birthday, anniversary, Christmas or anything in between. With so much to choose from such as pastry classes or cake baking courses, you’ll find the perfect experience to gift at RedBalloon.

What is typically involved in a baking class?

There is such a great range of baking courses available at RedBalloon, that it varies with what is involved. However, all our classes are held by professional chefs or instructors who will guide you step by step throughout the experience and teach you everything you need to know. You will learn about the ingredients involved, what equipment to use and how to use it, as well as how to prepare and bake your dish. Your class may include baking and patisserie workshops, dessert cooking classes or even a artisan bread baking course. If you’re class includes pastries, you’ll learn how to make puff pastry, shortcrust pastry, sweet pastry and choux pastry. If the class includes dessert recipes you could also learn how to make these treats from scratch. At the end of your experience, you also get to indulge on the delicious baked goods you have learnt or you can also take them home to share with family and friends.

What techniques will I learn in a baking class?

At RedBalloon, our experiences will cover a range of techniques that will help you to upskill but also learn new recipes across a range of sweet and savoury goods. Techniques can include how to make different types of pastries including for tarts and pies, teach you chocolate work, how to style desserts and decorate cakes, and how to make gluten free treats including bread, tarts, muffins and more.

What recipe will I make in a baking class?

With our cooking classes, you will learn a range of recipes that are sure to have your homemade cooking tasting like restaurant quality. You will learn how to make sweet treats like pastries, desserts, breads, muffins, tarts, pies, crumble, mousse and cakes; as well as savoury options like pizzas and bread. Some classes will also provide gluten free substitutes to help those who have dietary requirements or looking for more recipe ideas.

How long does a baking class go for?

You will find a range of experiences from short baking courses through to longer classes. Our classes range from 2 hours, through to 4.5 hours for the longer options. You will also find cooking classes that go for 2.5, 3, 3.5 and 4 hours which means you won’t be short of options when looking for your baking workshop.

Do I need experience to take a baking class?

The best thing about the RedBalloon range of baking courses, is that you don’t need any prior experience in order to enjoy them. We offer a range of basic cooking classes for all levels, especially beginners. If you are already skilled, don’t worry because the cooking school will also be able to accommodate for you so it is just as fun. You’ll learn everything you need to know on the day which is why a cooking class is the perfect gift for anyone and any occasion.

How to book a baking class on RedBalloon

If you’re looking to book a baking class with RedBalloon, it is really easy. There are a few simple steps involved before you’ll be off on your course and baking up a storm in no time.

  1. Jump onto RedBalloon and search for baking classes. Browse through our experiences until you find the one you want. Add this to your cart.
  2. Once it is in your cart, follow the steps at checkout until you have paid for your order. Once this is done, you will shortly receive a confirmation email with your next steps to booking in your class.
  3. Follow the steps on your email to redeem your experience and book in the time and date. Please provide a few options so the cooking school can accommodate you as best as possible. It is important to also include any allergies or dietary requirements here.
  4. You will receive a follow up email from the cooking school confirming the date and time your experience is booked in for. Enjoy!

With the range of baking courses available on RedBalloon, you’ll find the perfect experience to spoil yourself with and to help upskill. Your commercial baking course will teach you plenty of amazing tips and tricks for taking your home cooking to a whole new level. You’ll also never be stuck for gift ideas again thanks to these experiences. They are the perfect go to gift if you’re looking for a unique idea for the foodie in your life. Don’t delay, treat yourself or someone else to an amazing baking or cooking experience from RedBalloon.

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