Go karting

Some of the best motor racing drivers learnt their skills on go karts and now it's your turn. It's skillful, exciting and a real blast! Race against the clock or gather a few mates and enjoy go karting at one of our many locations around Australia.

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14 Results

Do you have a competitive side you want to put to the test? There’s no better way of bringing out your winning side then with a friendly and fun experience like go karting. It’s the perfect driving activity to get a group of friends together, your work team or your family and race it down the go kart track full throttle! Whether you’re after go karting melbourne, sydney or elsewhere, we offer a variety of karting locations nationwide for every skill level. We have plenty of go kart experiences for 2 or more people, making it the perfect activity to create a competition out of it with the winner crowned the ultimate go kart racing king!

If you’re after ideas for fun, action-packed experiences that are perfect for team bonding, you can’t go past go karting! It’s one of the best team building activities for rallying your work colleagues together to spend quality time bonding out of the office. As we offer go karting sydney and all around Australia, we’re sure you’ll find the perfect location and experience for your team’s needs!

What are the different types of go karting?

There are plenty of different ways you go can enjoy go karting including indoor and outdoor tracks as well as experiences just for kids. At RedBalloon you’ll find racing experiences at Australia’s largest indoor karting track with a 3,745 square metre venue. This provides the perfect track to rev your engine and zoom around, in attempt to beat your PB. If you want to try your hand at outdoor go karting, you can race around one of the nation’s best tracks set in a scenic and exhilarating rural area. You’ll sweep around bends, challenging chicane and reach up to 70km on the supercharged straight! When you’re looking for go karts for kids, you’ve come to the right place as RedBalloon offers a range of racing experiences perfect for the little ones. In some locations, kids as young as 7 can enjoy an outdoor or indoor go karting adventure with their friends and family. With kids karts, it’ll create a fun-filled day that they’ll brag about to all their friends making it the perfect school holiday or weekend activity!

Where can you go go karting?

RedBalloon offers a range of go karting experiences in various locations around Australia. Experience go karting Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Hunter Valley. Whether you’re a first timer or consider yourself a karting pro, you’ll find the perfect experience for your driving skills at RedBalloon.

Are go karts safe?

If you’re wondering...are go karts safe? Absolutely! We take our customers safety extremely seriously which is why we only offer a range of experiences from trusted providers that are highly safe and responsible. All drivers are given thorough instructions on safety and are monitored throughout the event.

How to drive a go kart for the first time?

Don’t worry if you’ve never go karted before because it’s easy to pick up and you’ll be doing laps around the track in no time. Once you’ve picked your go kart of choice, make sure your sitting in it correctly and have a grip on the wheel. Although you might feel the need to pick up speed straight away and constantly accelerate/break, for the best results maintain a relatively smooth drive and importantly when you’re entering turns slow before picking up the speed again. Also make sure you don’t hit both the brake and accelerator at the same time - use one or the other! And lastly but most importantly...have fun!

Imagine how fun it would be tackling go kart racing! This fun-filled adventure will see you sweep around bends whilst reaching hair-raising speeds. If you know someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and is always up for an adventure, why not gifting them go karting! They’ll feel the rush of real race karts as they jump straight into tight, twisting chicances and long fast straights. Whether you’ve done it before or it’s your first time, go karting is the perfect experience for having fun whether it’s with family, friends or for team bonding.