Sports car and luxury car hire

Fulfill your dream of owning a sports car...even if you're just renting it for the day! Our sports car and luxury car hire promises to be an unforgettable experience for car lovers and a pure on-road pleasure as you cruise at your own leisure (or haste). Whether you're a car enthusiast or just want to feel luxurious for a day, you'll love our sports car and luxury car hire experiences in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and other locations. Sit back and cruise in style or experience a thrill with a powerful engine!

87 Results
87 Results

Have you ever dreamt of driving down the road, wind in your air in a car that stops people in their track? Well now you can experience that with our sports cars and luxury car hire. If you’ve always imagined how it would feel to sit behind the driver’s seat of powerful luxury cars now you can with our range of experiences. For sports car hire Sydney we definitely recommend the supercar drive day. If you’re after a sports car hire that takes you behind the wheel of deluxe supercars then this experience is right up you’ll alley, you’ll definitely be turning heads.

If you’re after a luxury car rental to fulfil your dream of living the glamorous life, we definitely recommend going on the GT500 Mustang One Day Self Drive Car Hire. This luxury car hire Melbourne will see you cruising in a V8 engine with power steering and did we mention it is a convertible? Pick up your friends and explore the world in this truly stylish luxury car! They’ll definitely be jealous they aren’t getting to drive it around because who doesn’t want to experience just once in life the power of a Mustang.

If you’re looking for sports car hire Sydney then we’ve got the perfect experience for you. Strap yourself in for the drive of your life with the Half Day Supercar Drive including a Ferrari and More. You’ll get to take the luxury sports car for a spin, experiencing the thrill of driving a Ferrari and 2 other supercars. This exhilarating experience will treat you to a glimpse of life in the fast lane and is definitely the ultimate bucket list goal! It’s one of those experience you’re friends will be seriously jealous of so you’ll definitely earn serious bragging rights. With our range of sports cars and luxury car hires you’ll find the ride of your life!