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Race car driving

If you ever feel the urge to race the granny in a hatch back next to you, it's probably time you had a race car driving experience. Tear around the track in a race car, feel the speed as you floor it down the straights and experience driving a vehicle that could race that granny in first gear. These are also great gift ideas if you're wondering what to get your loved one for Valentine's Day, Christmas or even Father's Day!

87 Results
87 Results

Have you ever sat at the lights and had an urge to race the car next to you? I think it’s time to make those dreams a reality and conquer race car driving. There is no other feeling in the world then the ultimate rush of experiencing car racing where there are no limits of traffic, speed or getting stuck at the lights. For a unique driving experience, we recommend the Drift Car Thrill Ride. This experience will give you a glimpse of the thrill of drifting as you try all the manoeuvres. This it the perfect addictive, tyre smoking adrenaline rush as you’re strapped into a purpose-built car with Fernando Wiehrl, Drift Australia Champion.

If you know someone who definitely needs to improve their driving skills and challenge themselves behind the wheel, why not gift them a Defensive Driving Course. This race car driving will put them in control and is perfect for L-plate or P-plate drivers! They’ll learn the skills to become a better driver including practicing everything from vehicle dynamics to braking technique. They’ll leave the day feeling like a car racing expert...but don’t worry they will actually learn some valuable everyday driving skills.

For the ultimate race car experience that will leave you with an adrenaline rush, why not try the Stunt Driving Wild Ride Passenger Experience. You’ll have to hold on tight as you climb aboard for the ride of your life as a professional driver performs all the tricks of the trade including parallel spin parking, 360 degree spins and ramp-to-ramp jumps! You’ll leave this day on a high wanting to do race car driving again and again! In fact, we guarantee this is a driving experience you’ll be bragging about to all your friends! If you’re ever stuck for gift ideas in the future or if you’ve ever dreamed of stepping up to the challenge of car racing, then look no further then race car driving from RedBalloon.