Whale Watching

It's officially whale watching season and the perfect time to marvel at nature's beauty and power. Spot these gentle giants playfully slapping their tails or even surface in a breathtaking breach. Discover whale watching cruises and tours in Sydney, Victoria, Perth, Brisbane, and other coastal locations around Australia and have a whale of a time! You can enjoy Swimming with the Whale Sharks in WA if you're ready for the ultimate bucket list experience. Keep your camera ready during a whale watching day you'll never forget from RedBalloon.

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67 Results

Whale watching cruise

Discover the magical spectacle of a whale-watching adventure from RedBalloon. Viewing these majestic kings and queens of the sea in their natural habitat is unlike any marine-based experience you will embark upon. RedBalloon puts you in the picture as you feast your eyes and feed the senses on the unmatched displays of migrating humpback, southern right, dwarf Minke and even the rare sighting of blue whales along the Australian coastline. There are group, private and VIP sightseeing experiences for whale watching. You can also take part in snorkelling and swimming adventures, both half and full-day tours, at every prime destination including Jervis Bay, Nelson Bay, Byron Bay, Hervey Bay, Gold Coast and plenty more locations.

When is whale watching season?

Whale-watching season traditionally takes place between May and November in the Southern Hemisphere. During this period, thousands of southern right and humpback whales, among others, migrate north to warmer waters from the Southern Ocean to mate and calve. Different whale species make their appearance at distinct waterways with almost clockwork regularity. Southern rights are typically spotted in Victoria and South Australia between June and October, when they swim close to the shorelines. From May to July and September to November, humpback whales can be seen swimming close to Sydney shores en route to Queensland.

Whale watching on the Gold Coast typically peaks in August. Humpback whales frolic and breach in Hervey Bay and off neighbouring Fraser Island between July and October. Minke whales can be spotted in the Ribbon Reefs of the Great Barrier Reef between May and September, peaking in July. You can get up close and personal at the heritage-listed Ningaloo Coast, WA, and swim at the Reef with these gentle giants between March and September.

What time of the day is best for whale watching?

During whale-watching season, any time is the right time of day to view migrating whales in their element. However, the best time for capturing their majesty is between 11am and 3pm, when the overhead light works its magic, photographically, for this breathtaking experience.

Where to go whale watching?

Whale watching takes place from Bondi Beach to Bremer Bay, WA, and all Australian coastal destinations in between. Multiple whale sightings generally exceed expectations on board a wide range of whale-watching tours offered at RedBalloon.

How much does it cost to go whale watching?

The natural marvel of whale watching costs from as little as $49 on board the Mandurah Island Dolphin Cruise, WA, to the exclusive offer of Whale Watching and Speed Boat Thrill (for up to 21 people) from Circular Quay or Manly Wharf, Sydney NSW, for $1333.

What to take whale watching?

You should definitely take your camera for capturing these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat; who are always putting on a once-in-a-lifetime display for the benefit of their awe-inspired spectators.

How to dress for whale watching?

Dress warmly and weather appropriately. Enclosed, comfortable footwear, a parka or weatherproof jacket, beanie, cap or hat and sunglasses are advisable for averting water-reflected glare. Your experience provider can recommend appropriate clothing suggestions, depending on the weather and your whale-watching location. You should also apply plenty of broad-spectrum sunscreen to avoid sunburn during your unforgettable day out on the water.

Is whale watching safe?

Whale watching is a completely safe exercise that takes place aboard modern vessels with spacious viewing decks. Experienced crews who are marine-life specialists operate these tours. Safety, education and exhilaration are the end result of these memory-making expeditions offered in an extensive range of whale-watching deals online at RedBalloon.