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Surfing and surf lessons

If you want to learn to surf you can either opt for one-on-one surfing lessons or go away for the weekend on a surf camp. Either way is great for getting out amongst the waves, and surf camps are great for meeting new people. During your first surfing lesson you might even learn to stand up! From Sydney to Perth and every beach in between, find your next surfing adventure on RedBalloon.

89 Results
89 Results

Learn to surf

Have you always wanted to experience the thrill of catching a wave and standing up on a surfboard? Now is your chance to learn to surf with a RedBalloon experience. You’ll find a variety of surf lessons around the country, perfect for beginners or those wanting to sharpen their surfing skills. Australia is renowned for its beautiful, iconic beaches and surfing destinations so there is no better place in the world to learn. From surf schools at the famous Bondi or Manly beach in Sydney to lessons on the best west coast beaches in WA, you’ll find the perfect surfing experience for you on RedBalloon.

Do you know someone who has always dreamed of becoming a pro surfer? Or at least dreamed of standing up on a wave on their own? Why not gift them a surfing lesson! Whether they are celebrating a birthday or any other special occasion, gifting them a lesson at some of the best surf schools in the country will surprise and delight them. They’ll get to learn a new skill whilst spending the day at the beach, it doesn’t get much better than that!

Is learning to surf hard?

Whilst surfing can be a challenging and difficult sport to master, with a surfing lesson you can pick up the basics relatively quickly. Everyone has their own pace – some will get the hang of it after a couple of goes and others will need a lot more practice. It is relatively easy to pick up the fundamental skills needed, practicing first on the sand before entering the water. You’ll be able to stand up on the board with the small waves but transitioning to the big waves out at sea will take more time.

Can you learn to surf at 50?

You can learn to surf at any age so it doesn’t matter if you’re only trying it for the first time at 50 years old. No matter what how old you are before you try out surfing, it is important you have a few of the fundamental skills. These include being a competent swimmer and also being in a relatively good physical condition as you’ll need to be strong enough to paddle and duck dive.

Can you learn to surf in a day?

After one surf school lesson you’ll know the basics of surfing and may even be able to stand up by yourself on a wave. In one day you’ll learn how to balance yourself on the board, paddle, duck dive and also the pop up move. You’ll fall off the board a lot but that’s all part of learning the technique and eventually you’ll get the hang of it and hopefully be able to catch your first wave all in one day. However, like any other skill, surfing takes practice but the more you do it, the faster you’ll learn.

Surf schools Australia

RedBalloon offers a variety of experiences at some of the best surf schools around Australia. These are the perfect places to learn to surf if you’re beginner, intermediate or if you want to refresh your technique. Some of the top surf schools can be found at Manly, Bondi, Byron Bay, the Margaret River, Torquay, Surfers Paradise, Noosa plus plenty more beaches around the country.

RedBalloon also offers fun experiences at URBNSURF– Australia’s first surf park. It provides perfect, ocean-like waves in an authentic, safe and controlled environment, catering for all ages and abilities. The beginner surf lesson at URBNSURF is great for learning to ride the perfect wave! An expert surf coach will teach you how to conquer gentle, rolling waves with the chance to score 10-12 waves per lesson, you’ll be riding them like a champ in no time.

Where can I surf for beginners Sydney?

If you’re looking for the best surf schools for beginners in Sydney, we offer a variety of experiences that will get you started on your surfing journey! These experiences include:

  • Private surfing lesson at Manly: Learn to surf with Sydney’s largest and most talked about surf school led by surfing legend Matt Grainger. Enjoy an hour of private surfing tuition and the exhilaration of catching your first wave while soaking up the sun on beautiful Manly Beach.
  • Beginners group surfing lesson at Bondi Beach: Imagine yourself riding a wave on beautiful Bondi Beach? Our beginner surf lesson will get you safely up and onto your first wave before you know it. With a low student to instructor ratio of 5:1 we give you an fantastic surfing experience that is safe, exciting and heaps of fun!
  • Weekend surf camp for beginners: if you’re truly set on mastering surfing, then escape the city for a weekend and immerse yourself into the surf culture at Australia’s original surf camp for beginners. Based on the NSW South Coast, admire the national park backdrop as you discover the thrill of learning to surf and relax in our modern beachside cabins.

Stand up paddle boarding

If you love the idea of surfing, but you’re not quite ready to tackle riding a wave, why not try out stand up paddle boarding? These are the perfect experiences to get you comfortable with a board on the water but without the big waves. You’ll find plenty of fun stand up paddle board experiences designed to help you learn how to balance, coordinate and strengthen your core. It’s also a great way to take in the beautiful beach scenery and even better with a group of friends.

Water sports

If you loved these surfing lessons, discover these plus more experiences with our range of water sports. From kayaking and jet boating, to snorkelling and fishing, you’ll find a variety of experiences on RedBalloon that’ll have you exploring the ocean and the underwater world beneath.

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