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Beer tasting

Brewing courses and beer tasting tours will make anyone who loves beer enjoy it even more. You'll learn that beer is about more than just cracking open a can on a hot day. On beer tasting experiences and brewery tours you'll get to learn about different brews and even find out how beer is made. Discover a range of brewery tours and tastings in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and more locations. These are the perfect gift ideas for Valentine's Day, Father's Day, Christmas or any other gifting occasion for someone who consider themselves a beer connoisseur.

62 Results
62 Results

Brewery tours

There’s no better feeling then sitting back and cracking open a cold one! With our range of beer tasting and brewery tours, you’ll get to do that all day long. Not only do you get to enjoy sipping on all your favourite beers, but you’ll learn a little history as well. RedBalloon offers a great range of brewery tours that will satisfy your taste buds. Better yet these are also the perfect gift ideas for someone celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or anything in between. It's a great experience for that person in your life who loves to enjoy a cold beer or ale but hasn't had the chance to step inside a brewery before.

What is a brewery tour?

A brewery tour is an experience that takes you behind the scenes of a brewery to show you everything there is to know about beer including how it is made. Often during these tours you get to to taste test the local produce whilst enjoying a guided walk through of the brewing process from grain to glass.

Brewery tours Australia

There are plenty of amazing brewery tours available around the country that are worth ticking off your must-try list. Whether you're visiting another city or you want to find the best tasting experience near you, there are a wide variety to choose from. Listed below are some of the best cities to enjoy a delicious brewery tour from RedBalloon.

Brewery tours Sydney

There are some awesome brewery tours in Sydney that we recommend trying with your friends or partner. You'll discover a variety of experiences across the city including in St Peters, The Rocks, Campbelltown, the CBD plus more locations. Find the perfect beer tasting tour for you from learning to brew your own beer to a hipsters full day craft brewery tour and everything in between.

Brewery tours Melbourne

Melbourne is home to some of the best brewery tours in the country, making it the perfect place to book in your experience. You'll find a variety of tours available on RedBalloon from learning to become a master brewer in Keilor Park to an urban beer tour in in the CBD plus so much more.

Brewery tours Brisbane

Discover a variety of brewery tours in Brisbane that will leave your tastebuds satisfied. Get your friends together and enjoy one of our tours across the city including in the CBD and Fortitude Valley. For the ultimate experience you can even enjoy a tour at the famous XXXX brewery and experience a true Australian icon up close.

Beer tours

If you’re looking for some of the best tasting beer, why not discover them on a beer tour from RedBalloon! These experiences are designed to tantalise your taste buds to some of your favourite brands as well as new and delightful brews. It doesn’t matter if you’re a beer connoisseur or not, these experiences will get you up to speed on everything you need to know about the different brands, how they are brewed and of course include tastings.

Are beer tastings a thing?

Absolutely beer tastings are a real experience and you can find them on RedBalloon. You'll find a range of tastings and brewery tours across the country that let you sample local beers and ales whilst also learning about its history.

What are the best beer tasting tours?

If you are looking for some of the best beer tours, RedBalloon is the perfect place to look. You’ll find beer tasting and tours in multiple locations around the country including New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Tasmania, ACT and plenty of smaller towns. Some of the best selling beer tasting experiences include:

  • XXXX brewery tour with beer tasting: this experience takes you on a journey through 136 years of heritage. At the XXXX brewery Brisbane, you’ll learn about the brewing process of Australia’s number one beer, visit the packaging museum with historical artefacts and of course enjoy a beer tasting session. This brewery tour is one of Brisbane’s greatest attractions and is an unbeatable way to discover the legend of XXXX.
  • Become a master brewer – brew your own beer: there are plenty of beer tours Melbourne has to offer but this is one of our personal favourites. This three hour experience is dedicated just to beer as you’re actively involved in brewing your own beer whilst learning from the experts. The best part of this beer tour is that you get to take 25 litres home with you so you can keep enjoying it even after the experience.
  • Beer tasting class with 5 course degustation: spend the afternoon expanding your knowledge of real craft beer at Australia’s most awarded brewery, while enjoying a 5 course degustation menu with each dish matched to a real craft beer. Discover insights, stats and stories direct from the brew crew and chefs that will surprise you! You will leave with a greater understanding of beer, beer styles, brewing and pairing and a broader appreciation for beer.

Ale tasting

You can also enjoy a delicious ale tasting experience on RedBalloon. These are found within the brewery tours and beer tasting experiences. You’ll enjoy that refreshing feeling of enjoying a sweet, cool ale at some of the best breweries, pubs and restaurants in Australia.

What does ale taste like?

Ale is a type of beer that has been fermented using a certain method which results in a sweet, full-bodied and fruity taste. Like most beers it has a bittering agent but is made without the addition of hops.

What is the difference between beer and ale?

The difference in beer and ale is the way the drinks are fermented. Ale is created using top-fermentation at warm temperatures, whereas other beers use bottom-fermentation at colder temperatures.

Is ale an alcohol?

As ale is a type of beer, it is definitely an alcoholic drink. There are a few different varieties of ale including pale ale, brown ale, India ale, golden ale and plenty more. You can learn about the history and types of ale during one of the RedBalloon brewery tours and beer tasting experiences.

Is ale healthier than lager?

Ale can be considered one of the healthier beers, especially when compared to lager. This is because ale is known for having less calories and uses more antioxidants when compared to other types of beer.

Wine and dine

Find these beer tasting and brewery tours plus more gourmet experiences from the RedBalloon range of wine and dine. From fine dining restaurants and high teas to cooking classes and winery tours, you’ll find the perfect culinary experience to satisfy your taste buds.

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