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Aerobatic flights

Hold onto your hat and experience the thrill of an aerobatic flight. Get ready for an aerobatic adventure of a lifetime as your expert pilot safely shows you barrel rolls, loop the loops and many other adrenaline-charged acrobatic manoeuvres. Aerobatics rides are serious tummy churning fun.

49 Results
49 Results

Stunt plane rides

Have you always dreamt of taking to the sky in the ultimate thrilling experience? An aerobatic flight from RedBalloon is the perfect way to tick off that bucket list adventure and experience the rush of a lifetime. You’ll find some of the most exhilarating stunt plane rides on offer including warbird flights, tiger moth flights, combat flights, fighter jets and plenty more aerobatic experiences.

If you’re looking for a gift idea that goes above and beyond anything you’ve gifted before, then this is the perfect experience! Imagine the look of surprise and delight on their face when they open their RedBalloon envelope to see they get to jump into a stunt plane ride. This is a once in a lifetime experience they will never forget. They’ll finish the day on a high, ready to go again!

Are stunt plane rides safe?

Your safety is extremely important to RedBalloon which is why we only work with trusted, reputable suppliers to provide the safest stunt plane experiences. Some experiences may require you to be in good health, under a certain weight limit and age restrictions may apply. Please refer to each individual experience for more information.

Aerobatic aircraft

There are different types of aerobatic aircrafts that are used in these exhilarating flights and stunt rides. On RedBalloon you'll find flying experiences in a variety of aerobatic aircrafts including an Extra 330LX stunt plane (the same one used in the real Red Bull Air Race), Yak-52 Russian Air Force Aerobatic Warbird, Extra 300L aircraft, Pitts Special S2A biplane, Tiger Moth biplane, Fighter Bomber T28 Trojan aircraft, Soviet Warbird plus plenty of other types of planes.

What are the best aerobatic flights?

You’ll find the most exhilarating and thrilling aerobatic flights on RedBalloon. These stunt plane rides will be unlike anything you’ve done before, giving you the ultimate rush. Some of the best aerobatic flights include:

  • Warbird aerobatic flight: Strap in and feel the Gs! Here’s your chance to take to the skies in an ex-military fighter plane just like in Top Gun! Your expert pilot will fly you over Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay, taking you through aerobatic manoeuvres at rapid speed! Have the time of your life flying like heroes of WWII.
  • Aerobatic stunt plane experience: Strap into an aerobatic plane for an experience of a lifetime! Get a taste of the Red Bull Air Race right here in Sydney and experience neck numbing aerobatics at their most extreme in a stunt plane. You’ll be pulling up to 8G’s and doing a massive array of aerobatic manoeuvres.
  • Tiger moth aerobatic flight in the Yarra Valley: Experience the thrill of aerial acrobatics in a vintage Tiger Moth biplane. Enjoy loops, barrel rolls and hammerhead turns from the freedom of an open-air cockpit! If you get the chance, enjoy magnificent views of Melbourne, Port Phillip and the Yarra Valley. This is one of the best tiger moth aerobatics on offer!
  • Ultimate combat flight: Imagine twisting through the skies in an amazing real combat adventure. Feel high G forces as you participate in a head to head combat flight 5,000ft above Melbourne. This unique experience is out of this world. May the best crew win!
  • Matt Hall racing – the ultimate experience: Fly in Matt Hall’s 2 seat race aircraft, as seen on TV with Tom Williams and Grant Denyer. Experience the power and speed that Matt feels when racing. Start by getting used to the forces, work up to high G aerobatics, then hang on through Air Race simulation and Air Show routine.
  • Russian YAK 52 aircraft aerobatic flight): Embark on an exhilarating aerobatic flight in a Russian YAK 52 aircraft, feeling the speed of this yesteryear warbird, while taking in views of the stunning beaches of the Gold Coast, Surfers Paradise and the Hinterland.
  • Intro warbird aerobatic flight: All of your senses will be stimulated the second the radial engine roars to life. This flight will be flown in the Hunter Valley and includes an introduction to G-Force, weightlessness and military manoeuvres including aerobatics such as loops, rolls, immelmans, cuban eights and a stall turn.

Where in Australia can I do an aerobatic flight?

There are plenty of amazing locations around Australia that you can enjoy an aerobatic flight. On RedBalloon, you’ll find these flying experiences in a majority of our states. These include:

  • NSW: enjoy an aerobatic flight in Sydney, the Hunter Valley, Pokolbin, Belmont, Camden, the Blue Mountains, and Maitland.
  • Queensland: jump into an aerobatic flight in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Caloundra and Archerfield.
  • Victoria: experience the thrill of an aerobatic flight in Moorabbin, Yarra Valley, Barwon Heads, Melbourne, Geelong and Point Cook.
  • Western Australia: tick off an aerobatic flight in Jandakot, located in the southern suburbs of Perth, and see the WA coastline from breathtaking views.
  • Tasmania: you’ll find the best stunt plane ride Tasmania has to offer in the capital city of Hobart.


If you loved the sound of these aerobatic flights and stunt plane rides, discover these and more from our range of flights. From joy flights to seaplane flights, and scenic flights to tiger moth flights, you’ll find the perfect sky high adventure for you on RedBalloon.

Flying experiences

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