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Cheese making classes

If you consider yourself a cheese connoisseur or you know someone who lives off it daily, then one of our cheese making classes is just what you need. Learn all the ins and outs for cheese making with experiences like a gourmet cheese making course with lunch and wine, or a full day soft cheesemaking workshop to name a few. Try your hand at something new with a cheese making workshop from RedBalloon.

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Learn how to make cheese

Whether you’re a cheese lover, want to try something new or looking for a fun gift idea, a cheese making experience will tick all the right boxes. There are plenty of experiences to choose from that we guarantee you’ll find just the right cheese making class no matter what your needs.

What will I learn in a cheese making class?

You will learn plenty of skills and tips and tricks during your cheese making experience. Under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you will learn how to make different types of fresh cheese such as bocconcini, blue camembert, cream cheese, quark, mascarpone, Galoumi, fetta, ricotta and more. You’ll also learn about what exactly goes into your creations and be shown how to ‘design’ your own cheese to your taste. You will get to take home the delicious creations you have made so you can impress your family and friends as the ultimate cheese maker at your next event.

How many types of cheese are there?

There are hundreds of different types of cheeses available around the world, although some are far more well known than others. At RedBalloon you’ll find cheese supplies covering some of your favourites including soft cheeses like ricotta, camembert, brie; or hard cheeses like gorgonzola. Which ever cheese making class you choose, you’ll find a variety of cheeses on offer, leaving you spoilt for choice.

What to bring to a cheese making class?

Everything will be provided for you during your cheese making workshop including the ingredients, equipment, recipes and anything else. We do recommend to wear comfortable clothes on the day and enclosed footwear for safety reasons. If you have long hair it may be necessary to tie it back to keep off your face and away from the food. You will also be provided an apron to wear over your clothes.

Where to do cheese making classes in Australia?

At RedBalloon you’ll find we offer some of the best cheese making classes in Australia. However if you’re looking for the best locations we recommend Western Australia or NSW. In WA you can choose from Swan Valley or Perth and in NSW, Coffs Harbour has a great cheese making course. If you need some inspiration around which cooking class to pick, some of our top sellers include:

  • Gourmet cheese making course with lunch and wine: discover the art of home cheese making with a full day course. An expert instructor will teach you how to make five different soft cheeses from milk including white camembert, blue camembert, cream cheese, quark and mascarpone. Enjoy tastings throughout the day as well as lunch and a glass of wine.
  • Full day soft cheese making workshop with lunch: this full day cheese making class shows you that making soft cheese at home is a cinch. Using simple ingredients and utensils this artisan cheese making family will show how to create Camembert, Fetta, Ricotta, Mascarpone and more at home. This is one of our favourite Artisan cheese making classes as it also includes tastings and lunch.

How to book cheese making classes on RedBalloon?

It is super straightforward to book a cheese making class from RedBalloon. There are a couple of quick steps involved and then before you know it you’ll be learning how to make cheese and cooking up a storm in your experience.

  1. Jump onto the RedBalloon website and browse our range of cheese making classes until you find the experience you are after.
  2. Add the experience to your cart and follow the steps at check out until it is paid for. You will receive an email shortly after you have paid. Note, if this experience is a gift for someone else, please jump to step 5.
  3. Your email will contain the next steps for redeeming and booking in your date and time. Please provide a few options so the cooking school can accommodate you as best as possible. Please also include any dietary requirements here as well.
  4. You will receive an email from the cooking school confirming the date and time of your experience.
  5. If this cooking class is a gift for someone else, on the experience voucher you give them, there are steps outlining how to redeem and book in their experience on RedBalloon.

If you’re unable to enjoy one of our cheese making classes, we also offer cheese making kits that can be delivered to your door. These are fun experiences to enjoy from the comfort of your own home whilst satisfying your inner cheese lover. Find cheese making kits especially for vegans, or kits that will create the ultimate artisan experience, plus plenty more!

With the RedBalloon range of cheese making classes, there is something to meet everyone’s needs. Whether you’re after an experience that includes bubbles and lunch, want a full day experience to learn as much possible, or anything in between, you’ll find it on RedBalloon. Better yet, gift a cheese making experience to a self-confessed cheese lover in your life. This is one of those thoughtful gifts they will truly appreciate and remember you for.

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