Father's Day gift ideas for the anti-bloke

by Madeline Link

With Father's Day just around the corner (September 3) what to buy for the not-so-blokey Australian dad can be a difficult decision. The typical gifts of sporting paraphernalia, hot laps and a new stubby holder are off the list, so what options are left for all those anti-blokes out there? Here are five for starters...

Go for Gold!

The anti-bloke will appreciate the little luxuries, like Gold Class movie vouchers where he can watch a movie from his plush reclining chair. Early birds can grab pre-screening drinks and nibbles from the Gold Class Bar or he can order the cheese platter with wine and have a staff member bring it to him during the movie.


Just like the rest of us, dads can tend to get a little wound up. So why not treat him to 75 minutes of pure bliss with a mens relaxtion massage and sauna. The experience includes a one-hour relaxation massage and 15 minute soothing and relaxing footbath. He'll come home relieved of stress and happier than ever!

The seafood diet

It’s common knowledge that all fathers love a terrible pun like the, "I'm on the seafood diet. I see food and I eat it." If your dad is in fact on a seafood diet, or (much more likely), loves it, then he'll love a delicious seafood dining experience. Choose from seafood meals he can enjoy from spectacular restaurants with water views or on a scenic cruise – all Dad has to do is decide who to take!

Whisky 101

For the father’s with an appreciation for the finer things in life, a whisky appreciation course is a must. Your dad will learn and better understand how to appraise whisky, differentiate them by taste and learn the subtle nuances of different styles. He will be a whisky connoisseur in no time!

Kiss the chef

For the dad who loves to cook and possibly owns an apron with the slogan, “Kiss the chef!” plastered across the front, treat him to a dumpling cooking masterclass. He'll learn how to create delicious Chinese and Japanese dumplings and dipping sauces from scratch and the best part - he gets to bring his creations home.

“Say cheese!”

From sporting matches to 16th birthday parties, Dad is always on the ready to document the moments that matter. Help dad brush up on his skills and indulge his passion with a photography workshop. In just half a day he’ll learn the tricks of the trade including shutter speeds, aperture, composition and more. Classes are held by professional photographers, classes are small and he'll get to photograph great locations. Dad is sure to pick up some great tips on how to make you look good!


Need more ideas? Browse our range of Father's Day gifts below: 

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