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Bucket list experiences

The time is now! Turn your bucket list experiences into reality. Have you always dreamed of floating away on a hot air balloon at sunrise or skydiving over the beach? Cross a few bucket list adventures off your list this year, or gift someone theirs. We've got everything you need to help turn your dreams into reality.

155 Results
155 Results

Bucket list adventures

At RedBalloon, you’ll find a range of once in a lifetime experiences that should be at the top of your bucket list. These are the type of experiences you will never forget and will leave you smiling even thinking about it for years to come. From flying to driving, and bridge climbing to animal encounters, there are a number of bucket list adventures worth ticking off your list this year at RedBalloon.

Is someone important to you about to celebrate a special occasion? Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or another other milestone, why not gift them a bucket list experience. Imagine the look of surprise and delight on their face when they open their RedBalloon voucher to discover they get to enjoy an experience they have always dreamed of doing. There is nothing more satisfying then gifting them one of their bucket list ideas that will create enriching memories they’ll always remember.

Bucket list ideas

Do you need a little help finding the best bucket list ideas? Jump online to RedBalloon to discover a wide variety of bucket list-worthy experiences you should tick off at least once in your life. You’ll find plenty of amazing experiences and some new ideas you’ll want to add to your list. Some of the best bucket list ideas we offer including skydiving, hot air ballooning, shark diving, v8 driving, swimming with whale sharks, glamping at the zoo, jet fighter flights, bridge climbs, snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, tours of Uluru, plus so much more!

What are the best unique bucket list ideas?

There are plenty of memorable and exhilarating bucket list adventures on RedBalloon that you should add to the top of your list. Whether you’re after a breathtaking flying experience, exhilarating driving experience or any other unique bucket list ideas, RedBalloon has the perfect experience for you! Some of the top bucket list experiences include:

  • Swimming with whale sharks: plunge into crystal clear waters and swim with the world’s biggest fish. This is the opportunity of a lifetime to get up close and personal with these magnificent marine creatures in the breathtakingly beautiful Ningaloo Reef.
  • Shark diving: experience the thrilling rush of coming face-to-face with a shark, one of the most feared creatures of the deep. Take the plunge inside SEA LIFE Sydney’s Oceanarium and encounter sharks along with giant stingrays and hundreds of exotic fish on this guided dive tour.
  • V8 race car driving experience: suit up for an exhilarating driving event that will have you behind the wheel of a V8 race car. Get your heart pumping for six laps as you blister around a championship race track, receiving professional instruction and encouragement throughout.
  • Roar ‘n’ snore: be one of the lucky few to sleepover at the zoo. Discover Melbourne Zoo after dark, guided by camp hosts. Enjoy a delicious dinner, supper and breakfast in the Historic Elephant Exhibit. In the morning, meet the keepers to learn about life behind-the-scenes before exploring all the zoo has to offer.
  • Romantic queen of the castle escape: enjoy a romantic and enchanting evening at one of the most unique hotels in the world. Your stay is designed to provide unique, creative and artistically inspired accommodation, with an emphasis on individual privacy and service in creative surroundings.
  • Jet fighter flight: take the ride of a lifetime in a L-39 Jet Fighter. Be top gun for the day and experience the enormous 4,000lbs of thrust and a series of high ‘G’ combat manoeuvres at speeds of up to 910km/h.

What bucket list adventures should I experience before I die?

Find the best bucket list adventures that everyone should try before they die at RedBalloon. These are the type of enriching experiences you will never forget and will rave about to all your family and friends. The top bucket list ideas to experience are:

  • Skydiving: experiencing the rush of a 60 second freefall from up to 15,000ft should be at the top of your bucket list. Take the ultimate leap strapped to an instructor at locations around the country and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way down.
  • The Great Barrier Reef: as the largest living thing on Earth, visiting this natural wonder should be experienced at some point in your life. At RedBalloon, you can witness the reef’s awe-inspiring beauty from the sky, water and below. Discover helicopter flights, cruises, snorkelling, scuba diving and more experiences on the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Sydney Harbour Bridge climb: the iconic Sydney Harbour bridge is known internationally as a must do experience if you're visiting the city (or even a local). There is truly no better vantage point to take in all the beauty Sydney has to offer from the city skyline to the world famous harbour. RedBalloon offers a great range of bridge climb packages so you can tick this once in a lifetime experience off your bucket list today.
  • Uluru: known as one of Australia’s most iconic attractions, Uluru is at its most stunning around sunrise and sunset, when the golden light makes the rock’s colours come alive. See the beauty of this large sandstone rock formation from a sunset camel ride, camping tour, a gourmet dinner or plenty of other ways.
  • Hot air ballooning: seeing the world come alive from a sunrise balloon ride will be a bucket list experience you’ll never forget. Tick off a hot air balloon ride in your favourite city with experiences available around the country. There is nothing more peaceful yet exhilarating then watching the world wake up below in the golden light.

Experiences for 2

Discover a memorable range of experiences for 2 that are the perfect, unique bucket list ideas. There is nothing more special then enjoying an experience of a lifetime with that someone special. You will create shared memories you’ll both look back on for years to come. From luxurious getaways to scenic flights and more, find the best bucket list items to enjoy with your favourite person on RedBalloon.

Birthday gifts

Gift someone special a bucket list experience for their birthday. No matter what milestone age they are celebrating, you’ll find the perfect unforgettable experience to surprise them with on RedBalloon. There is nothing more memorable then gifting them something from their bucket list rather than another traditional present.


If you loved our range of unique bucket list ideas for 2020, then check out our entire range of experiences. Find ideas across our wide variety of categories from flying to driving, and getaways to dining experiences, you won’t be short of options!

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