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Whale watching cruise

Jump onboard a whale watching cruise and see these spectacular mammals breaching from up close. Discover our range of experiences around Australia from Sydney across to Bremer Bay and plenty more locations. There is no better time then now to enjoy one of these cruises as whale watching season has officially started.
33 Results
33 Results

Best whale watching cruises

A whale-watching cruise presents spectators with the natural marvel of viewing migrating whales in season up close, personal and in infinitely unforgettable style. From Manly to Mandurah, and all destinations in between, RedBalloon offers an extensive range of Australia-wide whale-watching cruises that are as magical to experience as they will be long-lasting in memory. Whale watchers can take part in the exclusive offshore thrill ride in Bondi Beach, Sydney, or hop on board the VIP Brisbane whale-watching cruise. Set your sights on other prime destinations around Australia, such as Western Australia, where you can witness Orcas breaching in Bremer Bay. Or, in Victoria, where you can marvel at these majestic animals in Phillip Island or even swim with dolphins and seals on the Mornington Peninsula. There is no better time to tick whale watching off your bucket list with a RedBalloon experience.

There’s also a range of whale watching cruises in Nelson Bay, Jervis Bay and the jewel in the northern NSW coastal crown: Byron Bay. Sightseers are spoilt for choice with the whale watching cruises on offer at RedBalloon in Hervey Bay: the whale watching capital of Australia. The Hervey Bay Whale Watching Cruise with Lunch and Snacks for 2 – Full Day Tour is a prime example. Simply jump online at RedBalloon to choose from the wide range. Instantly book the one that’s right for you and, before you know it, you’ll be on the Australian waterways and in the thick of the viewing action for all your whale-watching cruise adventures.

What is included in a whale-watching cruise?

The chance for regular sightings of migrating whales in season is of course the icing on the cake. Also included are return transfers, gourmet lunch, snacks, beverages, use of life jackets and safety equipment. In addition, you’ll receive expert and multilingual commentary, hydrophone audio and free Wi-Fi on board state-of-the-art cruising vessels in the range of whale-watching cruises on offer at RedBalloon. There are a choice of speedboats, tall ships, luxurious catamarans, fast cats and a host of other touring vessels that provide the ultimate in comfort, safety, multi-level decks and premium viewing pleasure.

When is the best time to go on a whale-watching cruise?

Any time is the right time to embark on a whale-watching cruise offered at RedBalloon. Cruises are conducted at various intervals during the day throughout whale-watching season, depending on your sightseeing preference and location.

Is morning or afternoon better for whale watching?

Strictly speaking, when the midday sun shines at its brightest, this presents the best time to view whales breaching and displaying their above-water presence. But, in general, whale watching occurs frequently with visually awe-inspiring delight during the mornings and afternoons.

What months do whales migrate?

The annual migration of humpback, southern right whales, the Dwarf Minke species and rare blue whales occurs in Australia between April and the end of October. After a northern summer spent feeding on krill in Antarctic waters, these majestic mammals migrate north to Subtropical waters where they mate and give birth. The return journey to the Antarctic, which typically peaks during the Australian winter and spring, provides the opportunity to view newborn calves being taught essential survival skills in the warm waterways along the east and west coasts.

What to wear on a whale-watching cruise?

You should dress comfortably and weather appropriately. Depending on where you are embarking on your whale-watching cruise, your tour operator can advise of suitable attire. They will also recommended the need for applying sunblock. Bringing a hat, sunglasses and also a jacket, for cooler on-water conditions, is generally advisable at most locations.

What to bring to a whale -watching cruise?

You should always bring your RedBalloon booking confirmation and a camera for capturing the magical spectacle of migrating whales in the wild.

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