Swimming with Whale Sharks

Tick swimming with whale sharks off your bucket list with a RedBalloon experience. Plunge into the blue water and swim next to the biggest fish in the world during this once in a lifetime experience. Discover our amazing range of whale shark experiences in WA and see these mammals like you never have before!
3 Results
3 Results

Swim with Whale Sharks at RedBalloon

For high excitement in the deep blue sea, nothing else compares to a swimming-with-whale-sharks experience. Getting up close and personal with these gentle giants is achievable in complete safety and unforgettable style with the exclusive, lifetime experience of a whale-shark-swimming tour on offer at RedBalloon.

What is included in a swim-with-whales tour?

The Whale Shark Swim and Snorkel Tour with Lunch and Photos, Exmouth, WA, which features multiple snorkel stops on Ningaloo Reef, includes return transfers, snorkelling equipment, lunch, snacks, tea and coffee. A professional underwater photography package is also a highlight of this exclusive tour. Use of kayak and paddleboard equipment, commemorative whale shark swimmer certificate and a celebratory glass of bubbly (for mature ages) is also included in this unforgettable marine-life experience.

Is swimming with whale sharks safe?

On the surface, swimming with the world’s biggest fish is no mean feat, but the whale shark’s enormity belies its gentle nature. Slow-moving whale sharks feed only on tiny microorganisms and are attuned to the presence of submerged human spectators. Swimming with whale sharks is conducted in the utmost safety and highest levels of professional standards. All tour providers enlisted by RedBalloon are experts in their field and are adept at ensuring that both your safety and experiential value are unparalleled.

Where can you swim with whale sharks in Australia?

The heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef in Exmouth is Australia’s prime destination for your whale-shark dive, snorkel and swim experience. Set on the perennially sunny northwest coast of WA, Ningaloo comprises the rare opportunity for adventure seekers to find themselves floating in an underwater wonderland. Tropical fish, dugongs, manta rays and turtles are abundant in the clear, warm waterways of this coral paradise. When overhead plane spotters have sighted a whale shark, it will be all systems go for whale-shark swimmers. Your tour captain will transport you to the action, where you can plunge below for one of the most elevated marine-life experiences on offer.

How much does it cost to swim with whale sharks?

RedBalloon’s whale shark experiences start at just $395 for the Whale Shark Swim and Snorkel Tour with Lunch and Photos in Exmouth, WA.

When is the best time to go swimming with whale sharks?

The best time to swim with whale sharks in WA is between March and August. Depending on the experience, the full-day tour will begin at 7am or 7:30am and can run for up to nine hours.

How to prepare and what to bring when swimming with whale sharks?

Please bring bathers, a towel, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses for your whale-shark-swimming experience. If you have any medical conditions, please advise at the time of booking your WA whale-shark-swim tour online at RedBalloon. Participants must possess a basic swimming ability and a swimming adult will be required to accompany swimming children at all times.