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Whale watching Sydney

It’s officially the season to experience a whale watching Sydney cruise or tour. Witness these magnificent mammals in their natural habitat for an unforgettable experience or tick it off someone’s else bucket list as a gift. With the range of whale watching cruises on offer at RedBalloon, there is no better way to see these creatures as well as the world famous Sydney Harbour.
8 Results
8 Results

Whale watching cruises in Sydney

When you experience a whale-watching cruise in Sydney, you’re almost certainly assured of not only regular sightings of migrating whales in season, but also the opportunity to absorb the world-famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and beyond. RedBalloon offers an extensive range of whale watching Sydney deals that will appeal with priceless memories to treasure.

Whale watching season Sydney

If you’re looking to tick off a whale watching Sydney experience, you want to make sure you are going at the right time of year. Around the country the whale watching season can vary slightly so you don’t want to miss out on seeing these majestic creatures up close in person. At RedBalloon, our range of experiences provide information around the best time to go during whale watching season Sydney.

When is whale-watching season in Sydney?

The official whale-watching season in Sydney for 2020 at RedBalloon is between May 18 and October 30. Whale-watching season in Sydney typically occurs from May to July and September to the end of October. During these months, humpback whales and other species can be spotted swimming close to Sydney shores while en route to Queensland. In the latter period, whale watchers have the added bonus of viewing these kings and queens of the ocean returning to feed in Antarctic waters with their newborn calves in tow. Southern Right whales do not migrate, but tend to move along protected areas of the coastline while seeking shelter for their young. Southern Rights and their calves have been known to call Sydney Harbour home for a short while during the warmer season and this is the prime time for spectators to view them relishing in their creature comforts.

What does a Sydney whale-watching experience include?

Depending on the type of experience you choose, Sydney whale-watching experiences offered at RedBalloon are many and varied. You could opt for the Sydney Whale Watching Cruise on a Tall Ship with Lunch, whale watching with speedboat thrills, the Taronga Zoo and Whale Watching Cruise Experience, Whale Watching Catamaran Cruise with Lunch, and others.

RedBalloon whale-watching cruises all include unequalled opportunities for whale sightings from Bondi Beach to Manly Wharf and Sydney Harbour. Participants will also enjoy expert commentary aboard state-of-the-art cruising vessels and speedboats. Historic tall ship cruises offer the chance to climb the mast, help sail the ship and also include a warm, hearty lunch.

Catamaran whale-watching tours feature the opportunity to get up close and personal with humpback whales, with an experienced skipper on board, a light lunch and bottled water. These three-hour cruises depart Manly Wharf 3 at 10am. Speedboat whale-watching experiences also include expert tour guides, the chance to view North Head close up, use of top-of-the-range wind/waterproof jackets and a high-speed offshore expedition to and from the whale pods. The family-friendly Taronga Zoo and Whale Watching Cruise Experience features regular departures from Circular Quay or Darling Harbour, zoo entry and Sky Safari cable car ride and a complimentary cruise if migrating whales are not seen in season.

Where to go whale watching in Sydney?

Spot whales and dolphins frolicking in their natural habitat during whale-watching season with tours setting sail from Circular Quay in Sydney Harbour, Darling Harbour and Manly Wharf.

What kind of whales are in Sydney?

You can view humpback, Southern Right and even Dwarf Minke whales in their element while embarking on whale-watching Sydney cruises with RedBalloon. Sightings of rare blue whales have also been reported along the Sydney shorelines.

How long are whale watching tours in Sydney?

The experience duration of Sydney whale-watching tours offered at RedBalloon is between 60 minutes for the exclusive Offshore Thrill Ride to Bondi (for up to 21 people) to five hours for the Sydney Whale Watching Cruise on a Tall Ship with Lunch.

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