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Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifts

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Reward employees and clients throughout the year with RedBalloon's range of corporate gifts. With over 5,000 experiences, personalised gifts and hampers to choose from, you'll find unique business gift ideas to celebrate your staff's hard work and service or to recognise clients. For corporate gifts that appeal to everyone and remind the recipient who it's from, a co-branded gift voucher with your brand's logo on it is the perfect solution and gives the gift of choice! This year, choose RedBalloon's corporate gifts to customise and personalise the perfect gift for employees and clients. For more information on personalised experiential gifting for businesses, check out our corporate page.

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If your aim is to reward the staff and clients who matter most to the success of your business, this is where corporate gifting comes to the fore. Quality and a unique brand tone is key. So the type of corporate gift you give needs to reflect the importance of the recipient and also promote exactly what you stand for, in a cultural and strategic sense.

The concept of corporate gifting has increasingly come into prominence over the past 20 years or longer. The simple act of rewarding client or staff loyalty with small gestures of thanks has been around since business began. All corporations embody and embrace a unique brand image or tone. It is what sets them apart and raises them above the competition. This is why at Christmas and other universally festive occasions, corporate gifting has come to mean so much, not only to the recipient, but also to the endurance and longevity of a company’s distinct corporate message.

What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting is a way that companies can reward employee engagement or client appreciation throughout the year. Gifting moments can also include staff birthdays, employee anniversaries as well as sales incentives just to name a few. This type of gifting represents internal (for employees, management and executives) as well as external (for clients or even potential clients). Both types of corporate gifting can help establish or strengthen important relationships in the workplace and help express an appreciation for hard work and loyalty. When thinking of ideas for corporate gift giving, look for something that represents your brand without making it a walking billboard for the company. A co-branded RedBalloon gift voucher is the perfect solution, where your company logo can be added to the voucher so the lucky recipient knows exactly where the gift came from and how much you value their contribution to your company. A co-branded gift voucher is the perfect level of brand awareness for a corporate gift. When choosing unique business gift ideas, a RedBalloon experience is a great way to demonstrate just how much you care about your employees as well as any internal or external stakeholders.

Corporate gifts should also take into account the philosophical ethos that distinctly defines your company or organisation. So, for example, consider e-vouchers or online gift cards to save on paper use, if sustainability is important to the way your business operates. Remember that at Christmas and all times of gift giving, it is paramount that your gesture of thanks does not come emblazoned with a jarring commercial overtone. A simple message of loyalty, gratitude, recognition and goodwill for the festive season and beyond will work wonders when it comes to the best corporate gifts.

Why is corporate gifting important?

The run-on effect of corporate gifting is a gesture that rings true the whole year through, not just at Christmas. This is why effective corporate gifting is so vital to a company or organisation’s ongoing success. There are several key areas that resonate in importance when it comes to unique, branded or promotional corporate gifting:

  1. Corporate gifting assists in developing business-to-business relations. Receiving gifts in an office environment, as in any other, creates a sense of goodwill and helps strengthen relationships between clients and staff.
  2. Brand awareness is promoted in the event of corporate gifting. Customised corporate gifting is a tool that creates brand awareness within the receiver. This is why small gestures of free promotional corporate gifting work so effectively in fostering a sense of brand image and the overall message a company wishes to impart.
  3. Strengthening employee relations is guaranteed when companies provide staff with branded gifts. Corporate diaries are popular choices with staff, and happy employees help create a prosperous corporate future. This is so because corporate gifting provides employees with a unique sense of place, value and belonging. Consider also service awards, where corporate gifting goes hand in hand with employee achievements.
  4. Increasing sales and generating business leads. Branded items for potential clients, such as co-branded gift vouchers with RedBalloon, and luxury corporate gifts for valued customers not only create appreciation among the recipient, but also instil a sense of corporate loyalty.   

What are some unique corporate gift ideas?

Choosing the best gift ideas this Christmas is just as important as the person for whom the corporate gift is designated. RedBalloon recognise this and we offer corporate gift vouchers and Christmas gifts, as well as an extensive range of team-building experiences. These all reward, motivate, promote engagement and encourage staff and customer loyalty.

With more than 20 years’ experience in corporate gifting, we can provide or organise more than 5000 experiences, complete with dedicated account managers. Our corporate gifts are valid for 5 years and we also offer sales rewards for employee encouragement and hallmark recognition to celebrate team achievements and promotional prizes, with innovative ways to promote competitions and events.  For further details on how RedBalloon can guide your corporate gifting choices, email

Corporate gifting experiences:  More than 3.6 million customers have enjoyed experiences throughout Australia from our 2000-plus small business partners. A wide range of these experiences include anything and everything related to food and wine appreciation, from sampling and indulging in a smorgasbord of tempting offerings to learning to cook, prepare and enjoy, as well as winery and brewery tours, cooking classes, gourmet walking tours and much more.

The thrill-seeking and leisure activities provided by RedBalloon are endless and unforgettable. You could choose from hot-air ballooning, scenic flights, skydiving, boating, V8 racing, motorcycle and Go Karting experiences. For the truly adventurous, there’s also rock and high-rope climbing, whale shark swims, paintball experiences, stunt flying  and activities to suit all group sizes, types and corporate events. If you’d rather have exhilarating fun with your colleagues, family and friends in an indoor environment, RedBalloon offers a host of virtual gaming, laser skirmish, indoor skydiving and many others.  

Corporate gifts: Some of the popular corporate gifting ideas at RedBalloon include the Veuve Clicquot Champagne Indulgence Hamper, French Red Wine trio, Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc trio, Chocolates and Hentley Farm Sparkling Wine Indulgence Hamper, Australian Craft Beer Box (16 bottles), Corona Celebration beer and chocolate bouquet, personalised leather travel accessories set, diary and business-card holders, personalised Australian hardwood long-board serving platter, men’s grooming gift set, medium dock and charge station (in black or white), soft cheese-making kit, Botanical gin-making kit, Mega one-kilo lolly selection box, giant donut gift box, personalised chocolate message in wooden box (up to 60 characters), Fitbit Alta HR special edition (various colours), and many others, too numerous to mention.

Of course, our range of corporate gift vouchers at RedBalloon put the enviable choice of preferred luxury gift or unique experience in the hands of the receiver.

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