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Fun kids activities at home

With our range of fun kids activities at home, you’ll find plenty of experiences to keep them entertained and busy all day long. From learning new skills with hula hoop lessons to piquing their curiosity with an online magic class, we’ve helped make staying at home more enjoyable for the little ones! Discover these plus plenty more kids activities at home.
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Kids activities at home

If you’re looking for kids activities they can enjoy whilst staying home and staying safe, browse through the range of enriching RedBalloon experiences that are guaranteed to keep them entertained for hours on end! Whilst we are currently encountering exceptional times and having to pause enjoying the outside world, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t still enjoy the world of experiences from their house. With our range of activities, you’ll find plenty of things to do with kids at home. From online classes to keep their minds busy to physical activities to keep them moving, there are experiences for all types of children.

Things to do with kids at home

You’ll never be stuck for fun ideas or things to do with kids at home again with our range of experiences. Whether you’re after experiences you can all enjoy as a family to learning experiences that will teach them a new skill, you’ll find a variety of fun kids activities at home they’ll be itching to try!

There are also plenty of other productive activities kids can do to help pass the time at home. For example they could build a fort, read their favourite books, practice their drawing and colouring-in skills, set up an obstacle course in the garden or have a treasure hunt. For more ideas, check out our blog posts about productive things to do indoors or at home school holiday ideas for more inspiration!

What are some fun things to do with kids at home?

There are plenty of amazing RedBalloon experiences you can enjoy at home both online or delivered straight to your doorstep. We are constantly adding plenty of new kids activities so keep your eyes peeled for some amazing experiences at home. If you need a little help picking the best things to do at home with kids we recommend trying:

  • Kids D.I.Y chocolate art party kit: Looking for a great idea for your children to enjoy indoors? Why not have a chocolate art party! All children love chocolate and this D.I.Y at home pack gives you everything you need to provide entertainment for up to 5 people. It’s guaranteed to provide hours of fun and includes free delivery.
  • Online family hula hoop lesson: Looking for a fun at-home family bonding activity? Grab some hoops and together learn the art of hula hooping from a professional circus performer. You’ll be moving those hips, engaging your muscles and laughing to your heart’s content. Who said keeping your kids busy moving had to be boring?
  • Online Minecraft rollercoaster engineers lesson: Give your kids a taste of engineering, electronics and logic principles as they create their own awesome rollercoaster on Minecraft. An expert educator will run the lesson entirely online, providing tailored one-on-one intuition. Get your kids off the video games to learn some valuable skills.
  • Laser tag at home in Brisbane: Turn your backyard into a laser tag arena with this home delivered laser tag set for four. This fun and interactive game involves players tagging others with a phaser and is a great way for kids to ditch the screens and get up and active. It includes delivery within Greater Brisbane.

Kids activities

If you loved our range of fun things to do at home with kids, why not explore our entire range of kids activities. You’ll find a variety of fun, entertaining and exhilarating experiences that are perfect to enjoy when the time comes. From ziplining and animal encounters, to water sports and theme park passes, you’ll find something any kid will definitely look forward to!

Experiences at home

If you’re looking for more activities to enjoy now, why not discover our entire range of experiences at home. You’ll find a variety of online classes, learning experiences, cooking kits, at home dining experiences, luxurious treats plus so much more.

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