Historic DC3 Cocktail Flight - For 28

Essendon Airport, Melbourne

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    A Cocktail Flight on an historic DC-3 jet over Melbourne is old-world luxury at it's finest! This unique occasion is once in a lifetime and symbolic of the high life. With accomodating staff fantastic and gourmet canapes, this classic trip is an amazing glimpse into aviation's golden era!

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Step back in time and experience the glorious 30’s with this cocktail party in the sky! This experience is based on a 2.5 hour time frame incorporating a beautiful 30 minute scenic flight around the Melbourne skyline in probably the most famous airliner of them all, ‘the DC-3’. This group event is perfect for social groups, or companies wishing to utilise this unique experience to get to know their clients or staff.

    To begin your experience, you're welcomed to the Essendon Silver Clipper lounge, where your guests are transported to another place and time! The lucky 28 are served a variety of canapes and select wines whilst being briefed ceremoniously on the evolution of flight from the DC-3 era. This is the party aspect of the trip, 45 minutes of happy chatter and gourmet indulgence. Your guests will be treated to some superb hot and cold canapés whilst listening to their aircrew give an amusing and informative pre-flight briefing and in particular, the differences between a DC-3 and the modern airliners of the day.

    The evening then takes the ultimate step up... on board the quintessential aircraft classic, the DC-3 jet. As your participants board it will be easy to see why this craft is the most renowned of all the jets that have come and gone since. As you ascend you'll see the fabulous Melbourne skyline, you'll cruise in awe for half an hour and remember the amazement felt with the first commercial flights.

    After witnessing amazing views of Melbourne from Port Philip Bay, you're returned to earth for a session of coffee and port, whichever you prefer.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    This experience is 2.5 hours in duration and includes a 30 minute flight. We are available for evening bookings 7 days a week, subject to availability.

    Numbers on the Day

    The price quoted is for 28 people. This is the maximum capacity of the DC-3.


    DC-3 flights are extremely weather reliant, we only operate them in good to excellent flying conditions. We fly at low altitudes, where the air can be turbulent. If the weather's less than good we cancel. We'll advise you ASAP if there is a prospect of poor weather. Flights will be rescheduled.

    Dress Code

    You are encouraged to dress in the spirit of the occasion and the minimum standard of dress with which we believe you will be comfortable, is smart casual or cocktail wear.

    Other Info

    The menu displayed is just a sample and may be changed depending on the seasonality of food or at your request.
    ... and Importantly


    You must be able to board the aircraft with minimal assistance. Alcohol and Aviation - in any more than moderate amounts, they don't mix. We operate under stringent Government Regulations that prohibit carriage of passengers under the influence. Smoking is not permitted in the aircraft or lounge.