Best ways to share Fathers Day with Dad

by Ben Ford

What do dads really want? Obviously, they’d love you to laugh at their dad jokes, but that might be asking a little too much. So let’s get realistic this Father’s Day, and aim for the next thing on the list of what they love – your time. Which means you just need a cracking idea for hanging out with the number one man in your life. Here are some options to make this Father's Day one to remember.

Learn a new skill together

Boost your dad’s skills (and your own) with a fun class in making something he really enjoys. If your old man loves coffee but can’t make a good one to save himself, a barista course could be just the ticket for an activity to do together. If not, he might want to learn to taste beer like a pro or make the best dumplings in town. (Pro tip: it’s definitely worth encouraging your dad to learn how to cook something yummy for you!). 

Brew your own beer

Find a hobby you can do together

Your dad might just want to get you involved with his favourite hobby – if it’s something you can handle spending a day doing. You could grab a gift voucher for a day out fishing together, indulge his foodie side with a long lunch and a chat, or hang out taking photos on Father’s Day. Best of all, taking your dad to do something he’s always loved or always wanted to do could be your chance to finally be crowned the favourite child. 

Walking photography workshop

Spend some quality time together

Does your dad get a bit mushy and sentimental sometimes? You can appeal to this side of him with a bonding experience that aims straight for his heartstrings. Indulge his love of family slide nights (if you dare), try a cool experience like tasting the Tawny from each of your birth years or take both your parents on a camping experience that will remind them of family trips gone by. He might get a little tear in his eye, but Father’s Day is all about the feelings. 

Camping trip

Go on an adventure together

Nothing could possibly strengthen the bond between father and child more than risking everything together. If your dad has a daredevil streak, get out and have some fun with him. You could throw him to the crocodiles, have a whale of a time together (dad joke alert!) watching the most awesome creatures in the ocean, or even jump out of a plane alongside him. That’s a gift he won’t forget in a hurry.

Which is the whole point, really. This year, it’s all about offering Dad something that stands out from the rest, and gives the two of you some great memories of shared times. And something for him to brag about over the barbecue.


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