Beer Belly Casting Kit

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    Hes worked hard to develop his mighty beer belly. Let him be proud and display his immensity in a 3D beer belly mould! This kit includes a plaster bandage, smoothing plaster and primer as well as instructions to guide you through the process.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Inspired by the Belly Casting Kit for Expectant Mothers, this kit allows him to take a snapshot of his beer belly as he progresses tthrough beer after beer after beer. The perfect gift for Father’s Day, bucks’ parties, 50th birthdays, hangovers and anniversaries.

    Your beer belly casting kit includes the following:
    • Plaster bandage (the real good stuff, too)
    • Smoothing plaster (to make your belly cast feel, like, niiice)
    • Jar of acrylic primer
    • Paint in four colours (in case you want to get creative and add some embelly-ishments)
    • 6 pack of premium local beers (it’s thirsty work casting a sizeable belly)
    • Massage balm and pamper pack to nourish your beer belly after you've taken off the plaster (ever had a belly massage? It’s pretty sweet)
    • Body wash (a man’s gotta be clean before the casting)
    • Hanging wire (to dry and display your man-trophy)
    • Step-by-step instructions (use on your belly...nothing else)

    Whether you're a man wanting to document your accomplishments, a woman wanting to subtly hint to her husband how much he's grown, or a group of guys looking for a buck's day activity, the beer belly casting kit is sure to make an impression...most likely a very deep, round one.