Harley Davidson and Motorbike Blast - QLD

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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    Be the envy of your friends when you are collected for an awesome 1 hour ride on a gleaming Harley-Davidson ®. You choose where to go for the ride, winding your way along our beautiful coastline or through the hinterland's twisting roads. Or just let our rider take you on a surprise journey.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    This experience is door-to-door service and will take you where you want to go for an hour or you can just leave the decision to us for a surprise journey.

    You are supplied with an approved helmet and jacket for your comfort and safety. We only use modern Harley ® motorcycles fitted out correctly for two-up riding.

    Your safety is our paramount concern, so we take care of you realising that you may have never been on a massively large and powerful bike before. All rides keep to main highways and all sealed roads, and you'll get a taste of suburban streets and a short highway experience at legal speeds. Harleys® are purpose built for long-distance, comfortable highway cruising and you'll get a taste of just that.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    Because of our beautiful weather almost all year round, we offer our services 12 months of the year. We set an alternate date and time for you if the weather prevents us from riding on the day and time you choose.

    Numbers on the Day

    One passenger for each Harley-Davidson ®. Up to four bikes available for any given ride.


    Rides do not proceed on wet or really foggy days, but there aren't too many of those on the Sunshine Coast. If your ride gets washed out prior to 75% of your journey being completed, you'll be given a 'rain check' for an alternative time and date.

    Dress Code

    Australian approved motorcycle helmet provided. If you have a favourite denim or leather jacket, by all means wear it. If you don’t, tell us beforehand and we will provide one. You must wear long pants, enclosed footwear and bring your sunglasses.

    Other Info

    Passengers do not have to sign an indemnity or waiver form, but you should be aware that motorcycling is a dangerous pastime. Every precaution is taken to ensure your comfort and safety.
    ... and Importantly


    We don't ride at night and we don't take passengers who are intoxicated or taking illegal drugs. The minimum age for passengers is 8 years old and our Rides may not be suitable for some people with disabilities.