Mountain Biking Course For Intermediate Riders

Sydney & Melbourne

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    This mountain biking course is specifically designed for the average weekend rider who is looking to improve their general skills. It focuses on your current level of ability and teaches you better ways to approach your riding, making mountain bike riding more interesting and challenging!

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    * Do you have confidence on easier trails but would like the skills to get out on more technical and difficult sections?
    • Would you like the opportunity to learn how to tackle those technical sections you always wanted to have a go at?
    • Do you want to ride with other mountain bike riders at your skill level?
    • Do you want to start going faster?
    • Do you want to learn how to get into XC, enduro and adventure racing events?

    This course aims to improve your riding, balance, technical aptitude, speed and skills. Class sizes are small so that you get personalised attention and tuition. Activities are developed and suited for your level of experience.

    Our staff are fully trained, accredited, professional and friendly and will ensure you enjoy the experience of learning how to ride a mountain bike properly.

    You will learn:
    • Setting up your bike properly for XC and enduro terrain
    • Addressing the basics – are you riding correctly?
    • Tackling different terrain – sand, roots, rocks, dirt
    • Cornering safely and at speed
    • Balance and track stands
    • Correct pedalling technique
    • Tackling obstacles
    • Negotiating small to medium drops and holes
    • Technical climbs and steep climbs
    • Technical descending – open and single track
    • Braking

    Please Note: You need to bring your own mountain bike. We recommend that your bike is fully serviced by a qualified bike mechanic before attending this course.
    On the Day

    Session Length

    This experience takes place on selected dates throughout the year. Your mountain biking course starts at 9am and goes until 3pm.

    Numbers on the Day

    The price quoted is for one person. There will be a minimum of four and a maximum of eight participants in the group.


    This experience may be affected by the weather. In the case of poor weather conditions we may need to reschedule your experience for a later date.

    Dress Code

    You need to wear casual and comfortable clothing that is suitable for mountain bike riding. Knee and elbow pads can be provided upon request.

    Other Info

    You will need to sign a waiver prior to participating in this experience. You also need to bring your own mountain bike and other basic equipment – a kit list will be provided to you after booking. All trainers are accredited and have Wilderness First Aid qualifications.
    ... and Importantly


    Children under 16 years of age should contact us to discuss their suitability prior to purchasing this experience. You need to have a good level of fitness and be confident on a mountain bike with some level of technical ability.