Kris Kringle Ideas

It's that time of year again - the names have been drawn for the office Kris Kringle, the budget has been set and you have days to find a unique gift that will earn you brownie points and make you look like the best gift giver among the group. Lucky for you, our Kris Kringle ideas are a range of gifts that are unique, fun and all under $50! Don’t give boring kris kringle gifts when you can find presents like a brewery tour with beer tasting, treetop ropes course with ziplining or plenty of other amazing experiences. Success! Remember cheap kris kringle ideas don’t have to be boring, instead find christmas gifts that are truly exciting.

75 Results
75 Results

One of the funnest times during Christmas is getting the office, friends or family together for a group kris kringle! It’s the best way to get into the festive season whilst rewarding each other without having to break the bank. When it comes to this tradition, it’s only natural you feel competitive to come up with the one of the best kris kringle gifts that will award you the best gift giver this year. That’s why we’ve curated a range of kris kringle ideas that definitely go above and beyond your typical christmas gifts all within budget.

What is Kris Kringle?

You might be wondering what kris kringle actually is. Also known as secret santa, it involves getting a group of people together (in the office, school, friends, family etc.) and everyone randomly draws names of who they are going to get a gift for during christmas time. You can’t tell anyone who you got, there is an agreed budget and a date is set to exchange the gifts. As you can see the kris kringle rules are pretty simple - select a name, find a present within the budget and reveal the presents on the date.

What are good Kris Kringle gifts?

When you’re looking for kris kringle gift ideas or secret santa gift ideas, you want to find something that isn’t boring or going to disappoint the recipient. Anyone can buy a candle and wrap it up for kris kringle but wouldn’t you rather come up with amazing kris kringle ideas that’ll blow them away? Our range of ideas are all about gifting differently and instead give a fun, unique experience all within budget… nothing over $50. Imagine their face when they receive a kris kringle that will send them on a virtual reality experience, a high ropes course or on a cruise. These are actually the type of gifts people want to receive and are the perfect office kris kringle ideas too.

How to make Kris Kringle interesting?

If you’re looking for ways to make Kris Kringle interesting this year, we’ve got some great suggestions. Firstly, it’s about coming up with funny kris kringle ideas that will make them laugh but also be a gift they’ll enjoy like a break room experience. Secondly, why not wrap up your kris kringle or secret santa gifts in a disguise. Since a RedBalloon experience comes in a voucher, why not through the recipient off by wrapping it in a giant box! It’ll definitely keep things interesting when it comes to opening all the kris kringle gifts. Thirdly, why not make your kris kringle themed that instead of giving typical gifts, you can only give each other an’ll be a fun and exciting way to mix things up this year!

Find exciting, fun and affordable kris kringle ideas at RedBalloon and take your gift-giving to the next level. When you gift an experience, you’ll surprise and delight the recipient with a present they would actually enjoy rather than just getting another novelty gift for kris kringle.