A Sydney Swans star shares his Christmas wish list

Isaac Heeney is one of the rising stars at the Sydney Swans. When he’s not impressing in the AFL, Heeney likes exploring the great outdoors, especially Sydney’s beaches. The outdoors is exactly where Heeney will be spending most of the summer, as the Sydney Swans prepare for the 2017 season.

#1. Abseiling in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are incredible. To have such an amazing landscape in my own backyard is awesome. What better way to get up close and personal with these mountains than by abseiling? 

>> Abseiling in the Blue Mountains

#2. Skydive over the beach

I’ve never seen the Sydney coastline from above, so it would be great to combine my love for the water and my love for heights with a skydive over the beach. 

>> Skydive over the beach 

#3. Brewing beer and BBQ cooking class

This is one to save for the off season, given there’s beer-tasting involved. Living out of home, I don’t get the luxury of mum’s cooking anymore, so the masterclass would come in handy, too.

>> Brewing beer and BBQ cooking class

#4. Jetpack and flyboard experience

How cool do these things look? I’ve seen people using them and I’ve always wanted to give them a crack. Just don’t tell the coaches!

>> Jetpack and flyboard experience

#5. Indoor golf lesson with a PGA pro

Someone has to start giving our captain, Josh Kennedy, a run for his money on the golf course. I’m not too bad on the greens, but a lesson from a pro would give me the upper hand on most of my teammates. 

>> Indoor golf lesson with a PGA pro