Jet Fighter Flight Strike Mission - 30+ Minutes

Lismore, NSW

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    A 'top gun' experience adventure flight in the front seat of a military fighter jet. Experience the full range of aerobatics and tactical manoeuvres. High Speed and G-force get the adrenalin pumping.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Experience the extreme speed (up to 800 km/h), the rush and G-forces while your pilot takes you through a range of military style combat moves and aerobatics.

    The Strikemaster is capable of flying a wide range of missions from ground attack to fighter combat, and includes the full spectrum of aerobatic maneuvers. Flights in the Strikemaster offer side by side seating, so you're in the front seat all the way!

    So whether you're skimming the terrain or rolling through the sky at 30,000 feet, a flight in this ex-military machine is an experience that few others can comprehend, and a ride that we guarantee you will never forget!

    The 30 Plus minute adventure flight is the top of the line single jet mission in the BAC Strikemaster Jet and is tailored to the passenger - from mild to wild!

    A Strike Mission offers the most adrenalin packed experience of them all. A jet flight with the works!

    The flight includes the full range of fighter combat maneuvers, full spectrum of aerobatics and unbelievable low and high level combat strike moves.

    Pick a target with your pilot, simulate an attack and pretend to bomb it! Puts into a practical context all the maneuvers completed earlier in the flight. Feel the ground rush and experience the ultimate ride! This adventure flight is any thrill seekers dream flight and will definitely leave you on a high!

    WARNING: Will make you the envy of all your friends!............

    - Passenger fitted with flight suit
    - A 20 minute pre-flight briefing and safety instruction session
    - Passenger taken to aircraft for photograph session with the fighter jet before entering jet cockpit.
    - Taxi, take-off, 30 plus minute Adventure Flight tailored to the passenger, landing, debriefing & a chance to take more photographs at aircraft.
    - And a chance to view all the other aircraft with a talk regarding the history of each plane. * (From Port Macquarie home base only)
    On the Day

    Session Length

    Most flights require an hour and a half. This includes mission planning, safety briefing, flight and de-briefing. Actual flight time is appoximately 30-40 minutes(depending on fuel used on aerobatics).


    All our aircraft can fly in most conditions and it is worthy to note that we have not cancelled a flight due to weather in the last two years. Remember if it is raining and cloudy from the ground its just perfect at 20,000 feet.

    Dress Code

    All passengers are fitted with a flight suit and all safety gear by our hospitality staff to insure their comfort and safety. Enclosed footwear must be worn, no thongs, sandals, etc.

    Other Info

    Minimum age 14 years. Children under 16 years must have guardians consent.
    ... and Importantly


    All flights are tailored with a medical questionnaire and assessment identifying the best flight profile. You should be able bodied and of sound psychological and mental condition. We have flown people with disabilities, but this requires very careful consideration