Don't leave Mum until last this Christmas

RedBalloon ran a study looking into Christmas shopping habits and what people really want for Christmas. Our study showed that Mums are being left until last-minute when it comes to Christmas gift shopping, or in some cases, they aren’t being thought about at all. We are heartbroken about how many people leave buying Christmas gifts for Mum to last, but we’re here to help! This year, instead of shopping for Mum last-minute, enrich her Christmas with something she'll love.

The results are in and the shocking truth has been revealed: when it comes to Christmas shopping, mums are being left until last minute. In some cases, they’re not even being thought of at all! According to a recent study, 30% of mums admitted that their children have forgotten to buy them a gift at Christmas.

RedBalloon, who commissioned the nationwide survey of 2000 adults via Google Consumer Survey, were surprised and disheartened to learn that mums were not being thought about when it comes to Christmas gifting. In fact, the study revealed some surprising statistics on Christmas shopping habits overall.

Sibling Rivalry

When comparing genders, sons are the worst offenders, being 33% more likely to forget their mum’s Christmas gift than daughters. Their timing isn’t the best either, with 78% more likely to leave their Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day.

Worst Offenders

The survey also discovered which Aussie state was most likely to forget mum. 38% of 18-35 year-olds in New South Wales admitted to forgetting their mums at Christmas, closely followed by 32% in Victoria.

Western Australia came out on top, with 98% of 18-35 year-olds saying that they’ll be buying their mum a gift for Christmas this year.

Last Minute Shopping

Surprisingly, it was found that 25% of people shopped with one week to go for their mum’s Christmas present. Meanwhile, 10% of shoppers did the last minute dash on the night before, or even day of, Christmas!

It seems that shoppers in Victoria are the most time poor, with 39% being last-minute shoppers. At 31%, New South Wales wasn’t too far behind.

Daughters could be deemed less inspired gifters, as they’re 48% more likely to gift their mum a traditional gift, such as a scented candle or perfume, rather than something more thoughtful.

Unsurprisingly, it turns out that last minute shopping can lead to panic buying and purchasing unwanted gifts. Scented candles, perfume, slippers, socks, and chocolates were revealed as some of the most cliché gifts to buy Mum.

What Mums Really Want

RedBalloon’s survey discovered that 78% of mums would rather share an experience with their family for Christmas than receive material gifts. A spa day, high tea experience, harbour dinner cruise, hot air balloon flight, and winery tour and tasting all made the list of what mums would love for Christmas this year.

Digging into the results uncovered that 27% of mums would love a day at the spa, while 22% wanted to share a high tea experience.

Some mums are seeking adventure, with 19% saying they would want to experience a skydive, shark dive, or bridge climb.

It’s not all bad news, however! There were some gifting superstars who love to spoil their mums at Christmas and spend big, with 15% of 25-30 year-olds forking out between $200-$500 on their mum’s Christmas gift.

If you’re guilty of leaving your mum until last minute or even forgetting her altogether, become a gifting hero by using our Christmas gift guide to give Mum an experience she’ll love this year.