737 Simulator Airline Adventure - 90 minutes

Hobart Region

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    Take a fully-fledged airline flight in the cockpit of a life-size, high-immersion 737 Flight Simulator. Experience how real airline flying happens with you at the controls and one of our staff as your instructor / first-officer.

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Captain for a day! In the 90 minute airline adventure you'll be able to fly a short-haul domestic flight in Australia, Europe or the USA/Canada.
    We start at the gate with preflight planning, engine start, and preflight checks before taxiing out and initiating takeoff. Experience airline procedures, flight management and autopilot systems - all guided by your friendly instructor. And the best thing is... YOU are at the controls. It’s a total-hands-on experience.
    When you step through the flight deck door you will be amazed at how real-to-life it is inside with full panoramic scenery and all the sounds, vibrations, controls and instruments you'd experience on the real 737. This is the closest thing to being there- all the enjoyment and excitement, without any of the risk.
    We'll help you guide us in for landing at your destination, before taxiing in and shutting down at the gate. It will be an experience you never forget, and it will give you new perspectives on flying airline aircraft and the work of airline pilots. No experience necessary – a fun and informative experience for anyone.

    Activity includes:
    • refreshments on arrival
    • a pre-flight briefing
    • bring an observer into the flight deck for no extra cost
    • optional DVD recording of the whole experience
    On the Day

    Session Length

    Your simulation flight is 90 minutes. Please arrive 15 minutes early to select your flight.
    Business hours are: 10am to 5pm Wednesdays, 12pm to 8pm Fridays, 10am to 4pm Saturdays. Other times by arrangement. (Generally available Tuesday to Saturday).

    Numbers on the Day

    There will be 1 person flying and 1 person observing.


    This simulation flight is indoors and is not affected by weather.
    ... and Importantly


    The minimum age for this experience is 14.