Bluff Knoll Abseiling 2-Night Adventure

Porogorups National Park & Stirling Ranges National Park WA departing Perth

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    Conquer Bluff Knoll by abseiling down the face of it! Learn abseiling from scratch or just practice on Castle Rock, then take on one of WA's highest peaks Sunday. With all transport from Perth and equipment included, this is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life!

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Bluff Knoll is so high that it gets snow occasionally! As Western Australia's 5th highest point, hiking up and sailing down it like a professional is a very rewarding experience, one for the '100 things to do before you die'!

    Departing from Perth, you will check in on the Friday night to your basic but comfortable accommodation and have discussions about what the weekend holds for you. You'll also help to organise the gear, which for novices will familiarise you with the equipment and prepare you for going it alone; experienced abseilers will have the chance to discuss their interest with like minded-peers.

    Begin the second day with hot breakfast before you're led to Castle Rock. Castle Rock is smaller than Bluff Knoll but still definitely nothing to sneeze at! On Castle Rock you'll be introduced to safety skills and techniques for multi-pitch decents whilst enjoying the view of the Porongorups. Whilst out there, you'll be able to sit and enjoy the view over a lunch of cold meat and salad rolls, included in the package. Spend the afternoon getting acquainted with the equipment, refining your skills and building up your confidence for the next big day. Rest up that night over a barbeque back at the accommodation.

    After another friendly night of barbequeing at the the Stirling range retreat, you'll wake early, have a basic breakfast and head out to the Stirling Ranges for the abseil of a lifetime - the Bluff Knoll. 250m high and northwest facing, you'll use your skills to take on the mammoth landmark. Look out over the north-west bay, over the farming land from the breathtaking heights... just in case you've forgotten how spectacular and expansive Western Australia is!

    After a full day's abesiling, you'll be taken back to your original meeting point in Perth. Now that's how to make the most of your weekend!
    On the Day

    Session Length

    This experience runs for two and a half days, leaving Perth at 5.30pm Fridays and returning at 8.30pm Sunday. The experience runs about once every 6-8 weeks, generally not in the middle of summer and not in the middle of winter.

    Numbers on the Day

    A minimum group size of 4 is required for this trip to run. If this number can't be reached, we'll let you know as soon as possible to arrange an alternate date.


    Weather can be a factor. We will let you know as soon as there is an undesirable forecast, and if the trip needs to be cancelled for that reason, we can refund you or hopefully just reschedule.

    Dress Code

    It is essential that you wear closed in shoes and loose-fitting long pants (not jeans). A comprehensive list of requirements will be provided closer to the date.
    ... and Importantly


    Participants should be fairly fit. A basic list of requirements is provided when you book. All abseiling and safety equipment is provided! Camera is highly, highly recommended!