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Skydiving Uluru

Skydiving Uluru is one of the most spectacular, bucket list experiences that should be on the top of your list. Discovering this natural wonder from a birds eye view is mesmerising and will be something you remember for years to come. Whether your an Australian local or travelling from overseas, seeing the beauty of Uluru from up high with a skydive will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before!

Skydive over Uluru

Uluru is an officially recognised natural wonder of the world and a miracle to behold from an aerial perspective. This UNESCO World Heritage Listed site in the heart of the Northern Territory’s red centre is a giant sandstone monolith, thought to have formed around 550 million years ago. Sacred to indigenous culture, Uluru or Ayers Rock is bound by springs, waterholes, caves and ancient paintings. It’s also literally in the middle of nowhere, central Australia, 335km from the closest large town and 450km south west of Alice Springs, in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. No wonder it’s an international tourist destination for hundreds of thousands of visitors. You can set your sights high and absorb this natural miracle from above when you book online at RedBalloon for an equally mesmerising tandem-skydiving experience.

Why is Uluru the most ideal skydiving destination?

Scores of tourists annually visit the 348-metre-high Uluru, but only a small proportion has grasped the spectacle of its sunrise to sunset-evolving colour changes, from ochre to burnished orange to red and back again, in a tandem skydiving experience. Ayers Rock is 9.4km in circumference so this miraculous natural site is not only a sight for sore eyes, but also one you can hardly miss from up high. RedBalloon offers a range of sunrise and daytime tandem skydiving experiences at Uluru from up to 12,000 feet high, designed for couples or singles. You’ll not only experience a full scenic view of Uluru/Ayers Rock as you ascend to this jump altitude, but the bucket-list accomplishment of tandem skydiving directly above it will match the amazing views.

What is included in a skydiving experience in Uluru?

You can expect the works on a sunrise or daytime tandem skydiving package in Uluru, for couples or singles, when you book online at RedBalloon. Free return transfers from Ayers Rock Resort are just the start of your rock-god or goddess adventure. A comprehensive safety briefing upon arrival and kitting up in the regulation skydiving gear and goggles will make you at least feel like a professional, even if you’re in beginner mode. You should expect to pay a small additional fee for your Australian Parachute Federation levy on the big day of your tandem jump.

You may also choose to purchase the highly recommended video and photo package after the event. Viewing yourself in high-flying action and sharing this lifetime experience, time and again, are surely what memories are made of.

Who would most cherish a skydiving experience in Uluru?

For tourists who have experienced it all, a skydiving experience in Uluru is definitely one to tick off the bucket list, if they haven’t already done so. Anyone aged 12 and above who yearns to embrace new adventures amid an unforgettable desert landscape would cherish the rare privilege of skydiving in Uluru. A parent or legal guardian must accompany skydivers aged between 12 and 18 years for the signing of paperwork. Skydivers must not suffer from heart conditions or be pregnant. There are also weight restrictions, peaking at 95kg for a tandem-skydiving experience at Ayers Rock.

Is Uluru a safe place to experience skydiving?

Uluru is as perfectly safe a place to experience tandem skydiving as it is mesmerisingly scenic. The expert skydiving crew are on hand to provide full safety briefings and one-on-one tuition, every step of the way, but also to help make this lifetime experience as unforgettable as possible. Your tandem instructor will be with you all the way up and you will be safely harnessed together as you take the plunge into the rock and desert splendour below.

What can I expect from a skydiving experience in Uluru?

You can expect the experience of a lifetime when skydiving in Uluru. The unique and peerless native scenery is only the beginning of this unparalleled duality in unforgettable sightseeing and personal achievement. Of course, you will breathe it all in, with the serenity of the region’s ancient forebears; in spirit, at least. But, inside, your heart will be racing, your nerves will be wired, and on edge, and you’ll brace yourself for the flight and ride of your life.

Your 20-minute scenic flight, high above Uluru, Kata Tjuta (the Olgas), Lake Amadeus and Mt Connor, will stun the senses and leave you breathless as it is. Once you have reached altitude, you will exit the aircraft from 12,000 feet. As the plane will be traveling at speeds up to 200km per hour while you plunge into the skies, safely harnessed to you tandem master, prepare yourself for the heart-pounding exhilaration of your up to 30-second free fall.

The parachute will open shortly after, at around 10,000 feet, and from this elevated vantage point of your parachute ride, you’ll be able to drift on high and take it all in while barely believing your eyes. The landscape of huge red rock, endless stretches of cave, waterhole and native flora-dotted desert will quite literally astound you. Landing will leave you on a post-experience high like no other, but also tinged with regret that gravity had to pull you back to this unreal reality.

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