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Skydiving Perth

It's time to take to the sky with a Skydiving Perth experience. When you have options like skydiving over the beach in Rockingham, over Rottnest Island, over York and even indoor skydiving, there is no better time then now to tick this experience off your bucket list. Better yet gift it to the adrenaline junkie in your life whether it's the 8,000ft or 15,000 ft jump, it'll definitely be an experience they never forget. Experience the rush of a lifetime today with a Perth skydiving experience from RedBalloon.

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Skydive over Perth

Perth is a dynamic city, not only for its entrepreneurial spirit, but also the rugged natural beauty of its beachside location. Adventurous types are spoilt for choice with endless exhilarating options for the great outdoors. Tandem skydiving over the beach is top of the list and RedBalloon is an expert in transforming this sky-high dream into reality.

RedBalloon offers a range of Perth skydiving deals for tandem skydiving with a beach landing with introductory and group skydiving packages. These price tags may be refreshingly cheap, but the once-in-a-lifetime skydiving experience is designed to stretch your capabilities and forever enrich your senses.

How much is it to go skydiving in Perth?

Skydiving Perth wide is an elevating experience and you wouldn’t believe how affordable the prices can be. Packages for tandem skydiving over the beach at stunning natural locations are attractively priced at less than $324. These range through to $1,149 for the ultimate skydiving Perth proposal package over the beach for 2 people.

Where is the best place to skydive in Perth?

Perth is renowned for its beautiful coastline and beaches so there is no better place to skydive then over these picturesque locations. You’ll fly overheard from up to 15,000 feet with the stunning beaches underneath you. RedBalloon is on the case for providing the best places to skydive in Perth. The Skydive Over The Beach, 15,000 feet, Rockingham is right up there. Less than an hour’s drive from the Perth CBD, you will initially experience a full safety briefing and expert tuition, before your 20-minute scenic flight offers breathtaking aerial views of this stunning coastal location.

Prepare to be exhilarated in a heart-pounding 60-second free fall, while plunging from your aircraft, which will be travelling at speeds of more than 200km per hour. Your professional skydive instructor will be with you the whole way. He or she will pull the parachute canopy as you both float for a full seven minutes (courageous types can even take control of the steering), until your beach landing brings you back to earth. The adrenaline rush that follows is set to astound.

Coupled with the spectacular coastal location over Rottnest Island and beyond, this package is one of the safest, most thrilling and mesmerising skydive Australia experiences on offer. You’ll also find plenty of other fun skydiving Perth packages on offer at Rockingham but also Rottnest Island and York. You won’t be short of memorable tandem skydiving deals in Western Australia’s capital city!

Is it safe to skydive?

Regardless of the exhilaration levels, safety always comes first in a RedBalloon skydiving experience. The expert instructors will guide, reassure and encourage you on your skyward adventures. Tandem and indoor skydiving experiences are conducted at the highest standards of best-practice safety regulations.

Skydiving Western Australia

There are plenty more beautiful places in Western Australia to enjoy a skydive. You can experience the thrill of jumping out of an plane at multiple locations not just Perth, including Rottnest Island, Rockingham and Broome. Otherwise if you’re not quite ready to tackle the real deal, discover our range of indoor skydiving flights in Perth, Penrith and other locations.

Flying experiences

Looking for more flying experiences? RedBalloon offers a variety of sky high adventures perfect for those looking for an exhilarating experience. Explore our range of hot air ballooning, paragliding, indoor skydiving, skydiving, fighter jets, tiger moth rides, aerobatic flights and more!

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