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Skydiving Byron Bay

There is no better way to experience the coastline of Byron Bay then with a skydive. The pristine beaches, picturesque surroundings and hinterlands are a must see, so why not take to the sky for the best vantage point. Skydiving Byron Bay is the perfect action-packed adventure for both locals and tourists and a once in a lifetime experience. Whether you’re looking for a skydive over the beach or a tandem jump at 15,000ft, you’ll find the perfect diving experience to treat yourself or someone else with!

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The best skydiving in Byron Bay

Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful coastal locations in Australia and a popular tourist attraction, making it a truly amazing place to experience a skydive. Whether you’re a local, visiting from interstate or even overseas there is nothing more magical then experiencing skydiving Byron Bay. Since the area is known for its outstanding surf beaches and picturesque landscapes there is no better vantage point to see the beautiful region and water then from the sky especially from 15,000ft above. When you skydive Byron Bay your combining the thrill of a lifetime with breathtaking views…you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it before.

Have you always wondered what it feels like to to free fall from 15,000ft? Whilst it’s definitely a feeling that’s hard to put into words…exhilarating and free are a few that come to mind. There is nothing more thrilling then free-falling at over 200km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds before the parachute opens and you float under the canopy for 5-7 minutes soaking up the surrounding spectacular views. The tandem skydives on offer at Byron Bay are some of the best experiences no matter what you’re level – there is something for the first-timers, adrenaline-junkies, skydiving pros or if you’re looking for an experience to gift. If you’re after a solo skydive, whilst we don’t currently offer this in Byron Bay, you can enjoy this RedBalloon experience at the Picton, Sydney location. Now that is seriously the ultimate daredevil adventure.

With our Byron Bay skydiving prices, you don’t have to break the bank when treating yourself or someone else to the dive of a lifetime. Starting at $294 in summer, you’ll find a range of experiences at different price points. Also keep an eye out for our skydiving Byron Bay deals that happen throughout the year, especially around festive occasions like Christmas. There is often cheaper winter prices available on our skydives which can be redeemed all year round so make sure you stay up to date with the latest amazing prices. Better yet, skydiving is one of the most memorable and unique presents you could ever gift someone. Whether it’s for a birthday, christmas, anniversary or special occasion, a tandem skydive would leave them feeling surprised and delighted. This once in a lifetime opportunity is something they will rave about to their friends and remember you for years to come. Make sure you take advantage of our skydiving deals when getting it as a gift!

Where are the best places to go skydiving in the Bay Area?

If you’re looking for the best places to go skydiving in Byron Bay, look no further! We’ve put together the best locations and diving experiences to ensure you have the best time. This includes options like being able to skydive the beach Byron Bay and tandem skydive over the Bay area. No matter which location you pick to skydive, we guarantee you’ll enjoy the beach and coastal views as you glide back down to earth.

Where is the most scenic dropzone?

When it comes to skydiving Australia, you’ll be hard to find a more scenic dropzone then those in Byron Bay. When you skydive the beach, the views are incredible. With the sparkling white sand beaches, unspoilt terrain and relaxed lifestyle you’ll be blown away with the beauty of the dropzone locations.

What are the weight limits when skydiving?

There are a few important things you need to know before you experience the bay area skydiving including weight restrictions. The maximum weight limit is 110kg but surcharges apply if you weigh 95kg and above. $50 surcharge applies if your between the bracket of 95kg-104.9kg and $75 if you weigh more than 105kg.

Please note there are a few other important guidelines you’ll need to know before you skydive. If you’re between the ages of 16-18 years old, you must have a parental or legal guardian consent before you can dive. Also, if you have an existing medical condition and are unsure whether you are fit to participate in skydiving, contact your GP first or the experience provider. Note that no alcohol is to be consumed 8 hours prior to your tandem dive, and the provider reserve the right to refuse any customers they suspect to be intoxicated with no refund.

Also remember to dress appropriately for the day! We recommend wearing loose and comfortable clothing that can be worn under the harness and are appropriate for the weather conditions on the day. Please also where enclosed footwear like runners…you don’t want these falling off during the skydive! It’s also important to keep any valuables safely on the ground – you don’t want your wallet, phone or any jewellery flying off mid skydive!

Lastly, remember to have fun! When you’re skydiving Byron Bay you’ll be achieving a bucket-list worthy experience that’ll create everlasting memories so you want to look back on them and enjoy it. Everyone is always a little nervous when they first jump out of a plane (even the pros get nervous sometimes) so don’t let that get to you. Just take a deep breath, open your eyes and let the sensation of feeling utterly free and exhilarated take over. Once you’ve landed you’ll feel overwhelmed with joy and a sense of achievement that you’ve conquered skydiving! Enjoy diving in Byron Bay all year round and keep an out for some awesome cheap skydiving deals that are often on sale during Christmas and the winter period.

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