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Skydiving Melbourne

Take to the sky with a skydive experience in Melbourne. There is nothing more exhilarating and memorable then jumping from 15,000ft, making it the perfect gift for an adrenaline-junkie or for yourself if you’re ready to conquer that fear of heights. Feel the rush of a lifetime with one of our skydiving Melbourne experiences including St Kilda.

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Skydive over Melbourne

There is nothing quite like leaping into the open skies from a moving airplane to make you feel truly alive inside. Taking an outward plunge from up to 15,000 feet above sea level in a safe but exhilarating skydiving experience has never been more achievable if you live in Melbourne.

RedBalloon offers a range of skydiving deals at great prices that will ensure spectacular beach and city skyline views from up high. For the inveterate thrill seeker in your life who is aiming to conquer their adventurous fears and take part in an unforgettable skydiving experience, why not give them a RedBalloon gift voucher this Christmas, for birthdays and all special occasions? Valid for 5 years and starting from $25, vouchers can be made out to any denomination and used to purchase any of the 5000 plus exhilarating experiences on offer at RedBalloon. Gift vouchers can be ordered online to be emailed, or you can arrange to have the vouchers delivered in a red envelope, which is sure to stand out and make an impression. This means that skydiving in Australia or any of the exciting air, land and sea-based experiences are always in reach with RedBalloon. Whether you’re learning to skydive or just seeking a thrilling tandem skydive experience, skydiving in Melbourne has never been more appealing.

Where is the best place to skydive in Melbourne?

If you’re close to the CBD, the optimum departure point for your unforgettable skydiving experience is the St Kilda Marina, about a 15-minute drive south of the city centre. RedBalloon have customised a Skydive over St Kilda, 15,000-feet weekend package that is sure to live up to expectations…quite literally.

You will well and truly be able to tick skydiving off your bucket list with this breathtaking half-day experience, which allows for a heart-pounding 60-second free fall before floating back to earth in a tandem skydive that takes in uninterrupted city and coast views over Port Phillip Bay and the Mornington Peninsula. Beginners will receive all the on-the-spot training required before suiting up and heading for the skies. Skydivers will exit the plane from a seemingly incomprehensible 15,000 feet up and, after experiencing a life-affirming free fall of up to a minute, will float tandem style under the canopy for a full five-to-seven minutes of pure bliss. They’ll be secure in the knowledge that they have conquered their fears and the world from up high and yearn to relive the magic over and over again. The skydiving Melbourne deal also includes the expert assistance of highly qualified trainers and instructors, a personalised certificate of achievement, loyalty rewards card and bumper sticker to prove to those back on land that you took the plunge and grew from the exhilarating experience. An APF levy is also available for skydivers.

If it’s an experience of gold-medal quality that you strive for and aim to pop the question in deluxe style, the Proposal Package Skydive over St Kilda Beach experience is bound to provide the makings of an unforgettable wedding proposal. This premium package includes a tandem skydive for you and your partner, ‘Gold” video/photo pack, the use of a “Will You Marry Me?” banner, which you can adoringly display on bended knee as your beloved comes in to land, along with a bottle of champagne and beautiful bouquet of blooms for your bride or groom to be. How could they possibly refuse with a skydiving experience of such memorable magnitude?

What is the best month for skydiving? Why?

Skydiving is a strictly weather-dependent activity. Generally speaking if the skies are clear, the wind level is at a low and the rain stays away, the skydiving experience can be conducted year round. But for the ultimate adrenaline rush and personal comfort and enjoyment, the best time to embark on the skydiving experience of a lifetime would have to be summer for its warm, balmy air, temperate conditions and dazzlingly blue skies from up high. If you had to hone in on a perfect month and time of day, it would be hard to go past a late February afternoon on a perfect Australian summer day. You can picture the experiential brilliance, can’t you?

How old do you have to be to skydive?

High-fliers with a penchant to take the plunge from up to 15,000 feet in the air require a certain maturity level. Skydivers must be aged 16 and older to take part in a skydiving experience with RedBalloon, to ensure they reap the ultimate benefits from the unforgettable experience. If the skydiver is under the age of 18 years, a legal guardian must also be in attendance to sign any necessary paperwork on the day of the dive.

There are also weight restrictions pertaining to the skydiving experience: skydivers must weigh no more than 110 kilograms. Surcharges are involved for those who weigh above 95 kilograms and also 105 kilograms. This is to ensure that the aircraft and skydiving equipment is fully and expertly prepared to take any extra strain and ultimately provide the smoothest and most exhilarating experience for the skydiver.

If you loved our range of skydives in Melbourne, you can also discover plenty of flights in other cities and regions. Explore our range of skydives in St Kilda, the Yarra Valley, the Great Ocean Road and other Victoria regions. Otherwise if you’re not quite ready to tackle the real deal, discover our range of indoor skydiving flights in Melbourne.

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