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Skydiving Canberra

Enjoy an exhilarating skydiving Canberra experience from RedBalloon. Perfect for the ultimate thrill-seekers, you can jump from up to 15,000 feet in both Canberra and Goulburn. Stop dreaming and make today the day you finally book the skydive you’ve always dreamt of doing!

The best skydiving in Canberra

The national capital is renowned not merely for its landmark monuments and architecturally designed splendour. Canberra’s pristine environs present a unique opportunity to absorb the CBD skyline, Parliament House and beyond to the Snowy Mountains from a 15,000-feet-high aerial perspective. But if you add skydiving’s ultimate adrenaline rush to this equation, thrill-seekers and sightseers can live the high life in the ACT like never before. RedBalloon gives wings to this new and unparalleled experience. When you book online from a range of tandem skydiving activities over Canberra, you can be assured of being placed in the hands and trust of the best skydiving operators in the region. There are also budget-priced packages available daily for tandem skydiving at 15,000 feet in nearby Goulburn, which is nestled within the stunning Southern Tablelands.

What makes Canberra a special place to skydive?

Tandem skydivers in Canberra are spoilt for the spectacular sights of the city’s landmark sites. From the CBD skyline to Parliament House, pristine waterways, perfectly spherical interconnecting roadways and surrounding countryside, what you see is truly what you get as you embark on this bucket-list-worthy skydiving adventure. The Deakin Oval drop zone is also a haven for thrill-seeking spectators and more leisurely picnic makers alike. Invite all your family and friends to watch you glide into landing position on your unforgettable skydiving finale. Their warmth and celebration of your experiential exhilaration is certain to complete the tandem skydiving experience.

Who would love a skydiving experience in Canberra?

Anyone with a keen sense of adventure who loves to set themselves new goals and challenges would thrill to a tandem skydiving experience in Canberra. If you are aged 12 years and above, are not prone to heart conditions, do not suffer from epilepsy or extreme vertigo and are not pregnant, then you would be well advised to book a skydiving package in Canberra or throughout Australia online at RedBalloon. You can also order gift vouchers online at RedBalloon, which can be used to purchase skydiving activities or any of the 5000-plus air, land and water-based experiences on offer. Gift vouchers are valid for 5 years and can be emailed or organised to arrive in style, contained within a striking red gift envelope.

What should I know before taking the plunge and skydiving in Canberra?

As with any new and challenging experience, you should expect the unexpected before embarking on your life-altering tandem skydiving adventure. You will undoubtedly experience a range of sensations and emotions: from heart palpitations, nervous sweats, unequalled anticipation, exhilaration, excitement levels and heightened inner fear upon approaching your jump altitude of up to 15,000 feet in the air. But you’ll soon put all that behind you once you take the plunge from you aircraft, travelling at speeds of up to 200km per hour and free falling for an insane up to 60 seconds.

Please note that tandem skydiving in Canberra and throughout Australia is a weather-dependent activity. Terms and conditions will apply in the event of inclement weather. But fear not: your skydiving operators will reschedule any necessarily postponed activities with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. You’ll be up in the air in no time and learning to skydive or reliving this amazing experience with the leading tandem instructors and scenic flight pilots.

What is best part of a skydiving experience in Canberra?

The best part is purely a matter of perspective, but you can take your pick from the spectacular aerial vista on board your 20-minute scenic float, absorbing the unmistakable glimmering spire of Parliament House, Lake Burley Griffin, Canberra city skyline and breathtaking allure of the surrounding natural landscape. Some tandem skydivers fully endorse the overall rush of the entire experience. Others attest to the sensation of feeling the rush and as free as a bird; absorbing the spectacular sights while defying gravity in the open skies. Lastly, some believe the best is yet to come in touching down and achieving this life-changing personal accomplishment.

Is the skydiving in Canberra experience safe?

Tandem skydiving in Canberra is as safe for the participant as it will be adrenaline charged and an experience to last a lifetime. RedBalloon enlists only the most professional and proficient skydiving operators. Many tandem instructors have achieved championship status, which can only equate to a winning form in the safety, guidance, care and encouragement you will receive on your ultimate skydiving adventure.

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