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Skydiving Broome

See the stunning Western Australia region from way up high with our range of skydiving Broome experiences. Ranging from 10,000ft through to 14,000ft you’ll experience the ultimate rush as you tick off skydiving from your bucket list. Treat yourself or someone else to a breathtaking skydiving experience in Broome from RedBalloon!

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9 Results
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The best skydiving in Broome

The remote and historic Western Australian pearling town of Broome is a bucket-list must. With world-renowned sunsets blending into the Cable Beach coastline and blissful beach camel rides to absorb this dazzling dusk extravaganza, even arriving there is an adventure in itself. What if you could top this experience with breathtaking aerial views and an adrenaline rush to match?

With a little help from RedBalloon, an unforgettable skydiving over Broome package puts you in touch with the best in the business. RedBalloon can orchestrate any number of skydiving experiences in Broome with the expert assistance of leading professionals in this sky-high adventure activity. You’ll experience the rare beauty of this rugged landscape from 14,000 feet high, exhilarating free fall of 60 seconds, a float time of a full five minutes and, the crème de la crème, landing on the magnificent white sands of Cable Beach. What more could an incurable thrill-seeker hope for?

With packages to suit seasoned or novice skydivers, you could embark on a 14,000 feet Cable Beach, Broome, Tandem Skydive experience. This unique offering includes your tandem skydive, one-on-one instruction from your highly experienced skydive instructor (who’ll be with you every step of the way), full safety briefing, all equipment and skydiving gear, APF levy and even a complimentary drink at Matsos Brewery after your skydive. Here are cheers to personal accomplishment and unparalleled thrills. A 15-minute flight to altitude of 14,000 feet up in the air gets you where you’re going: fast! More’s the pity, but RedBalloon knows you’ll be back for more and flying high again in no time.

What does skydiving feel like?

The experience of skydiving is as incomparable as it is uniquely individual. Eager participants can expect to feel a range of nerves, anticipation and unbridled excitement before taking the plunge from their aircraft, moving at speeds of 200km per hour. The 60-second free fall combines fear, freedom and exhilaration in equal measure. Then you’ll float like a bird of paradise without a care in the world for five minutes before coming in for your powder-soft beach landing. The surge of post-experience adrenaline is without peer. Try it for yourself. You’re sure to encounter heightened thrills in an experienced and friendly skydive activity that you’ll yearn to relive over and over again.

How long does skydiving in Broome last?

With a breathtaking scenic flight over Broome, Gantheaume Point and Cable Beach of 15-to-20 minutes, unforgettable 60-second free fall and float time back to ground of five minutes, that’s a maximum 26 minutes of skydive duration to linger long in the memory banks. You’ll discover first hand that time truly flies when you’re having fun.

How hard is the landing when skydiving?

Your feet will touch the ground at speeds of up to 28km per hour, but with the beach landing at Broome and surge of wild adrenaline immediately following your skydive experience, you’ll still be floating, as if in the sweetest dream.

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