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Skydiving Redcliffe

Tick off a skydive over the beach from your bucket list with one of our Skydiving Redcliffe, Brisbane experiences. You’ll enjoy the ultimate rush as you free fall from 15,000ft before enjoying the scenic float down to the ground. It’s time to treat yourself or someone else to a skydive from RedBalloon!

Skydive over Redcliffe, Brisbane

If you’re based in Brisbane and crave the ultimate adrenaline rush, with aerial views to match, why not indulge in a skydiving experience? For first timers, or more seasoned skydivers, this sky-high activity is definitely one to tick off your bucket list and re-experience, once you develop a taste for more.

The wow factor of skydiving from up to 15,000 feet in the air is designed to take your breath away…and it shows! The feedback from RedBalloon skydiving reviews at spectacular locations throughout Australia is overwhelmingly positive. The most frequent adjective used to describe the tandem skydiving experience is “amazing”, but “awe-inspiring” and “incredible” are also high on the list.

It’s little wonder that adventurous types turn to RedBalloon to realise their thrill-seeking dreams. With more than 17 years of memory-making experience, RedBalloon is an industry leader in experiential gifting. A superb range of tandem skydiving packages throughout Australia is an undeniable component of RedBalloon’s winning equation. So if you’re in Brisbane, the drop zone to aim for in achieving an all-time high is over the beach at Redcliffe.

As you plunge from your plane, moving at speeds of 200km per hour, you will tandem free fall for up to 60 seconds before floating for a full five-to-seven minutes back down to earth. The fun does not stop there. You’ll experience spectacular views of the Brisbane CBD and its stunning surroundings, and the softest landing on Redcliffe Beach. What’s more, this tranquil drop zone, with its coastal location, is only a 30-minute drive from the city centre.

How much is skydiving in Redcliffe?

RedBalloon offers skydiving deals that are not only affordable, but are tailor-made to create a priceless experience. A midweek tandem skydiving package over the beach from 15,000 feet above sea level comprises more than a half a day of exhilarating memories to last a lifetime. This unforgettable experience, which includes your Australian Parachute Federation levy and a unique beach landing at Redcliffe, is less than $280 per person.

Is it dangerous to skydive?

Danger is a concept that RedBalloon takes professional pleasure in eradicating. All skydiving activities and the 5000-plus experiences offered by RedBalloon are conducted with expert tuition, encouragement levels and maximum safety. The reassuring, friendly and highly trained staff are on hand to help you relax and allay any pre-skydive jitters. Before you know it, you’ll be plunging like a pro, floating like a bird and grinning from ear to ear.

What to expect skydiving for the first time?

Everyone’s experience of this unforgettable activity is unique. But first timers can definitely expect to feel a mix of nerves, excitement and wild anticipation. There will most likely be goose bumps, perspiration, your blood pressure will rise, but you’ll also receive the ultimate adrenaline rush once you have challenged your inner fears and completed this life-changing exercise.