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Team building

At RedBalloon, we offer a wide range of team building activities for corporates and businesses looking for group activities. We have worked with thousands of clients making sure that their team building activities go to plan and deliver desired outcomes. We provide a great range of team building games and experiences perfect for improving team work, developing relationships through team bonding, boosting employee morale and for having fun! At RedBalloon we know team building, and that's why our curated range of activities are perfect for your next corporate experience.

46 Results
46 Results

As with any team-building initiative, it’s a group effort that should always combine an element of challenge and mutual support with loads of free-spirited fun.

What is the purpose of a team-building activity?

Bonding is the number one aim of any team-building activity. This involves putting faith and trust in your fellow participants and offering crucial support and encouragement in order to build these all-important qualities. It is widely accepted by corporations and organisations that these attributes of rising to and meeting group challenges in a team spirit of enthusiasm and fair-play will then be successfully replicated in the workplace. Working effectively and cohesively with fellow staff always amounts to increased and enduring productivity for any corporation, big or small.

What to do for team-building activities?

There’s no end to the choices for team-building activities at RedBalloon. If you’re seeking to reward staff or clients for their invaluable support and recognition, try the Chauffeur-driven Yarra Valley Group Wine Tour (for up to seven), Private Whisky Lesson on a classic wooden boat or Tall Ship cruise and buffet lunch on Sydney Harbour, Otto Brisbane six-course seafood degustation or for the truly worthy, three-night wellbeing retreat with all meals and massage treatments (for six). For group activities geared towards the great outdoors, try the Group Challenge Outdoor Go Karting, team-building kayaking activity, 18-seater private jetboat ride, white-water rafting with photo to prove it (for six people) or survival challenge-type experiences.

Team-bonding games can be found indoors in a range of fun team-building experiences. These include the Virtual Reality escape rooms experience, two-hour unlimited laser tag pass, say ole with the Mexican and Margaritas cooking class or adrenaline-charged groups will thrill to indoor skydiving activities. A sense of humour never goes astray in the event of team building. Have a laugh and poke fun with your guests or recipients at the same time with the Pentridge Prison Ghost Tour with dinner.

How to make team-building activities successful?

It all boils down to fun, games and memories. When people let go of their inhibitions and channel a spirit of group play, trust and friendship is the ultimate beneficiary. RedBalloon is attuned to the importance of providing a range of team-building experiences that are designed to be successful, for groups of all interest levels and ages. Organisers of these activities should be reliable, outgoing, fun loving and encourage relaxation and inclusivity at all events and activities. Participants need to not only be themselves, but also channel their inner child and simply lose themselves in the moment with other like-minded group members. Loosening up your teams with warm-up exercises and rewarding displays of courage, self-belief, faith and trust in their fellow participants with small prizes and incentives also goes a long way towards making the team-building outing a big success.

If you have any queries, the RedBalloon Corporate Team can provide suggestions and feedback on all your questions about team-building activities to suit the best group at the right price.

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