5-Lap Lotus Exige Race Experience

Brisbane and Warwick

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    Drive a Lotus Exige for the ultimate racing experience - even Jeremy Clarkson says so! Drive YOURSELF for 5 laps on a world-class racetrack near you. Unbelievable power, exceptional handling and speeds you can't imagine - the adrenaline rush is at your feet, so strap yourself in and feel the power!

    Why You'll Love This

    What's Included?

    Ever wanted to drive a high performance sports car around some of Australia's most exciting race circuits? Get set to be amazed as you drive five amazing laps at unrestricted speed in one of our track-prepared Lotus Exige sports cars.

    Following arrival and registration you will be fitted into the appropriate safety gear and introduced to your personal driving coach. A briefing will explain the principles of high speed super car driving and what to expect. It is now time for a quick photo shoot before you hit the track. You’re in-car coach will guide you on the fastest line and progressively coach you toward achieving your best possible lap time.

    GPS data will track your speeds and line and will be presented in a photographic certificate as an outstanding memento of a day you will never forget!
    On the Day

    Session Length

    Allow 2 hours for the entire experience. Available dates 1 May Morgan Park, 2 June Morgan Park, 15 June QLD Racewy, 7 July Norwell, 18 July Lakeside, 24 Aug QLD Raceway, 11 Sep Morgan Park, 12 Oct Lakeside Park, 30 Oct Morgan Park, 29 Nov Qld Raceway.

    Numbers on the Day

    There will be other participants at the track, however when you are in the car you will be one on one with your instructor.


    If the experience needs to be canceled due to adverse weather, we'll reschedule the experience at no cost to you.

    Dress Code

    Intercom helmets supplied must be worn. Long sleeve shirt, full length trousers and fully enclosed footwear must be worn whilst driving.

    Other Info

    Soft drinks, tea and coffee are provided complimentary.
    ... and Importantly


    Drivers will need to show their manual drivers license, either Ps or better. You must be drug and alcohol free - we will turn you away if we think you're affected. Max height 185cm; max weight 120kgs, and relatively flexible to get into the car! Not suitable for pregnant women or heart conditions.