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Flight simulator

Get ready for take-off. If you've always wanted to say, "this is your captain speaking", then a flight simulator experience is for you. Take the controls of a jet airliner and enjoy an ultra realistic flight simulation. It may only be a flight simulator, but the sensation you'll feel is the real deal.

50 Results
50 Results

Plane simulators

If you’ve always wanted to learn to fly but you’re not quite ready to tackle a real-life plane, then don’t worry because we’ve got the next best thing…a flight simulator. These are so realistic you’ll feel like you’re soaring above the world in a real aeroplane. If you’ve always dreamed of spending the day as a pilot and getting ready to take off then these are the perfect experiences for you. These are also the perfect gift ideas for someone celebrating a special occasion. Whether it's their birthday, Christmas, anniversary or anything in between, a flight simulator is unique and memorable, making their day that much more special.

Flight simulators in Australia

RedBalloon offers a variety of flight simulators across the country in most of the capital cities. This makes it easier to find the right experience near you or if you're visiting another state. Listed below are some of the best locations to book in your plane simulators.

Flight simulators Sydney

There are plenty of great flight simulator experiences available in Sydney. Whether it's your first time or you're ready for another go, you'll find the perfect package for you. Our experiences all take place in Darling Harbour, which is a central location in the city. You can book in packages including a Boeing 737-800 flight simulator or even a virtual reality jet fighter experience.

Flight simulators Melbourne

We offer some of the best flight simulators Melbourne has to offer. These experiences take place either in Moorabbin or the in the heart of the city's CBD. There are plenty of packages on offer including a simulation of a Boeing 737-800, full motion simulator, virtual reality jet fighter and a helicopter simulator. The Boeing 737-800 Flight Simulator is the perfect flight simulation in Melbourne for stepping up to the captain’s role. This experience will see you take command of the world’s most popular jet airliner including taking-off, cruising and landing the plane at one of the thousands of airports to choose from.

Flight simulators Brisbane

If you're looking for flight simulators in Brisbane, you've come to the right place. We offer some of the best experiences in the city, with options like a super hornet simulator and Boeing 737-800 simulator. All these packages are located near Brisbane Airport, which only adds to the feel of the simulation! If you’re looking for a Brisbane flight simulator that takes it a step further, then the F-18 Super Hornet Flight Simulator is a must do experience. Channel your inner Tom Cruise as you experience the thrill of air combat in a jet fighter plane simulator. This is the next best way to experience the need for speed without having to control a real-life plane. This package will give you a taste of the air combat basics and before you know it you’ll want to experience a flight simulator again!

Flight simulators Perth

There are a number of great flight simulator experiences available in Perth. These are locked in Erskine or in the heart of the city just 2km from the CBD. There are plenty of packages on offer including jet flight simulator and a Boeing 737 simulator.

Flight simulators Adelaide

Discover the best flight simulators in Adelaide with our range of experiences. These packages are located in Parafield or in the heart of the CBD. There are a variety of experiences you can book in including a Boeing 737-800 simulation, F/A 18 jet flight simulator plus more.

Flying experiences

Looking for more flying experiences? You’ll find a wide range of ideas on RedBalloon that will take you to new heights. Discover our range of flying lessons, helicopter lessons and flights including scenic and seaplane rides. We also recommend exploring some of our best selling flying categories including hot air ballooning, paragliding, skydiving and indoor skydiving.

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