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Cooking classes

Learn how to turn any ingredient into a delicious meal! Before you know it your culinary skills will be 10/10 with one of our cooking classes. Immerse yourself in the art of shaping the perfect dumpling, become a pizza making protege or slice, dice and bake until your heart's content. Discover cooking classes for any cuisine, perfect for individuals, couples and kids on RedBalloon. These are also the perfect gift ideas for that someone special who can't stay out of the kitchen trying new recipes.

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Cooking classes

Have you always wanted to become a wiz in the kitchen and learn to cook up a storm for your next dinner party? Well now you can with the RedBalloon range of cooking classes that will leave your mouth watering. Whatever cuisine you want to up-skill in we’ve got a whole selection to choose from including Italian, Thai, BBQ and vegan, as well as some specialities like chocolate making, cocktail making and baking workshops.

Whatever cuisine you’re after, you’ll find something for everyone with our range of cooking classes. These lessons are also the perfect gift idea for the foodie in your life. Whether they are celebrating a special occasion, birthday, Christmas or any other milestone moment, why not gift them a hands-on cooking experience. They will love learning new skills and being able to enjoy their delicious meals at the same time. You’ll find a range of cooking lessons across a variety of cuisines and locations around the country, making it easier to find the right cooking school near them!

What are popular cooking classes?

RedBalloon offers a variety of cooking lessons in multiple locations around the country, so you’ll be spoilt for choice when picking the best cooking school to sharpen your culinary skills. Discover masterclasses in a majority of our capital cities with some of our most popular locations listed below.

Cooking classes Sydney

Pop an apron, roll up your sleeves and improve your cooking skills with a fun, engaging and interactive cooking workshop. With plenty of diverse cooking classes on offer in Sydney, you’re sure to find something to suit your taste, diet and lifestyle. One of our favourite Sydney cooking lessons is the Mexican and margarita class. Make fresh, healthy and flavourful Mexican food in this hands-on cooking class. Join in on the fun as you cook up an authentic Mexican feast whilst sipping on freshly made margarita cocktails. Over two hours, you will learn how to make your own corn tortillas from scratch, empanadas and more.

Cooking classes Melbourne

Known for its food scene, there isn’t a better city to enjoy a cooking class in than Melbourne. With a diverse range of cuisines on offer, you should add one of our cooking classes to the top of your must-do list! We definitely recommend trying the dumpling cooking class in Melbourne. This experience will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to perfect your dumpling culinary skills including learning the secret of making the dough and the art of shaping it. Did we mention you then get to enjoy eating your delicious creations whilst enjoying a glass of sparkling wine? It’s the perfect foodie experience that will leave you feeling inspired to compose your own gourmet Asian dumpling menu for your future dining events!

Cooking classes Brisbane

Whether you’re a budding chef, passionate home cook or completely inexperienced, you’ll love the fun of a hands-on cooking class in Brisbane. Don’t know which to pick? Why not try your hand at the American smoking BBQ cooking class. Learn about the four main BBQ regions of the United States and the differences between them. Explore techniques such as smoking with charcoal and the low and slow method to produce mouth-watering, fall off the bone meat every time you barbecue! Once completed, you will sit down and eat your creations, matched with a craft beer.

Cooking classes Perth

Expand your culinary repertoire with a fun, informative and hands-on cooking class in Perth. Taught by professional and passionate chefs, learn recipes that tell stories of generations of home cooks and celebrate heritage and authenticity. One of the best lessons includes a Thai cooking class which will teach you the purpose of each ingredient in your finished dish. Make a curry paste from scratch, and learn how to wok-toss an amazing Pad Thai. Finish off with mango, coconut cream and stick rice that will make your taste buds sing.

Cooking classes Adelaide

Discover the best cooking classes Adelaide has to offer with our range of experiences that’ll sharpen your culinary skills. One of our customers’ favourite lessons in this city is the authentic Moroccan cooking class Treat your tastebuds to an African vacation and learn to prepare and cook traditional dishes that are bursting with flavour and spices, under chef guidance. At the end of the session, sit down for a banquet-style feast and enjoy your efforts with wine.

What are the different types of cooking classes?

There are plenty of different cooking lessons available on RedBalloon so it’s easier to find the cuisine that tempts your taste buds. Below are some of our top-selling cooking classes by cuisine that we definitely recommend trying for yourself.

  • Online cooking classes: learn to cook tasty and delicious meals from the comfort of your own kitchen. From vegan cooking classes to Vietnamese cooking courses plus so much more, you’ll learn some amazing recipes that you can easily create on your own in no time.
  • Thai cooking classes: be transported to the streets and bustling markets of Thailand with a fun and interactive Thai cooking class. Perfect for foodies, aspiring chefs, team building or a special occasion, you’ll love cooking a range of authentic Thai dishes that are easy to recreate at home.
  • Italian cooking classes: for very good reason, Italian is one of the most popular cuisines in the world! With cooking experiences covering Pasta, Pizza, seafood and meat, you’ll find the perfect class to sharpen your culinary skills.
  • Japanese cooking classes: whether you want to master a traditional Japanese dish or simply try something new, our range of cooking classes will have you cooking up a storm in the kitchen in no time. Delight both your eyes and stomach to a hands-on sushi or authentic Japanese cooking class.

Couple based cooking classes

RedBalloon offers a wide range of couples cooking classes with locations around the country. Better yet, if you know someone who loves to create delicious meals almost as much as they love eating them, then we recommend gifting them one of these couples cooking classes. You’ll find Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Italian, BBQ, baking and plenty more cooking classes for couples. One of the most popular lessons designed for 2 people to enjoy is the Japanese cooking masterclass. During this experience, the lucky couple will be guided step by step to create a range of traditional dishes and learn the fundamentals of utilising Japanese ingredients and flavours.

Kids cooking classes

If you’re looking for the best cooking classes for kids, RedBalloon has a great range of experiences. These lessons are perfect for helping your kids build confidence, learn easy tips and tricks for different cuisines and try amazing food along the way. From Indian, Thai, Vietnamese and plenty more cooking schools available, you’ll find the perfect kids cooking classes for you on RedBalloon. One of our favourite experiences for children is the kids cooking class in Perth. This will introduce your little ones to the world of cooking with a hands-on culinary class. They’ll learn how to work in teams while preparing fun and tasty dishes they can easily replicate at home. Recipes on the day may include pizza, curry puff pies and chocolate brownies.

Cooking school

RedBalloon offers a wide range of cooking schools in multiple locations and these are some of the best in the country. These schools also offer a variety of cuisines so you can be sure to learn a mixture of recipes and new skills. We also offer cooking school experiences designed for individuals but also for 2 people and kids. Why not bring your plus one along or your child and try your hand at a cooking class from RedBalloon.

There are plenty of amazing cooking classes and workshops on offer at RedBalloon! Don’t know which one to pick? Don’t worry, you can always choose a gift voucher and decide later. A gift voucher can be used to purchase any experience or online cooking class available on RedBalloon. Find out more about our gift vouchers.

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