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Rally car driving

Get sideways with rally driving and experience what it's like to speed around the dirt track in a rally car. Advance through the stages and you'll start to understand the real skill of a rally driver as you pull your handbrake to make it round the tough corners, and change down to 2nd to get some traction and speed out of the bend. Discover a range of rally driving experiences in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. These are the perfect gift ideas if you're wondering what to get your loved one for Valentine's Day, Christmas or even Father's Day!

49 Results
49 Results

Rally car experiences

Have you been sitting in your car and wished you could put pedal to metal? Stop dreaming and start living! It’s time you step up to a driving experience and get sideways in a rally car. If you or someone you know is a speed demon, why not put your skills to the test with rally driving. Send yourself spinning around a track with a rally drive and we guarantee you'll finish the day on an adrenaline high!

A rally experience is also the perfect gift idea for someone celebrating a special occasion. Whether it is for Christmas, their birthday or any other milestone moment, these exhilarating drives are memorable experiences they will always remember. Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll take you along on the day to watch or even for a ride yourself. Whether you’re looking for thrilling presents or you’re up for the driving challenge, we’ve got the perfect range of rally driving all over Australia.

What is rally car driving?

Rally is a type of motorsport that can take place on certain tracks, on road and even off-road using purpose built cars. Typically those involved in the sport race from point-to-point with all cars starting at the same time and it can take place on either private or public roads. Whilst this is a motorsport, you can discover what it feels like to be a rally driver with the range of experiences available on RedBalloon.

Do you need a licence to drive a rally car?

You require a valid driver's licence in order to get behind the wheel of any of the rally car experiences on RedBalloon. Please ensure you bring this on the day of your experience.

Is driving a rally car difficult?

If you have never got behind the wheel of a rally car before you might think it is difficult to pick up. However with a RedBalloon experience you'll jump into the drivers seat and learn expert tuition from a qualified instructor. During your experience you'll learn how to drive these cars and discover a few special tricks the pros use to get through the corners and down the straight as fast as possible.

Where can I go rally driving?

There are plenty amazing places to enjoy rally car driving around Australia. RedBalloon offers the best locations to book this in with experiences available in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia. If you need a little help finding the best place to enjoy a rally drive, listed below are some of our favourite spots.

  • Rally car driving Sydney: there are a few areas you can book in a rally car experience in Sydney. One of the best spots is Colo Heights, which is around a 90 minute drive from the city CBD.
  • Rally car driving Melbourne: you can find a variety of locations to enjoy rally driving in Melbourne. These areas include Parwan, Mount Cottrell, Bacchus Marsh, and St Kilda.
  • Rally car driving Brisbane: discover some of the best rally driving courses in Brisbane with the best experiences available in Ipswich and Willowbank.
  • Rally car driving Perth: enjoy a variety of rally car driving experiences in Perth. You can book in these packages in Wanneroo, Bakers Hill or Copley.
  • Rally car driving Adelaide: for the best rally car experience in Adelaide, we recommend booking an experience at Truro, just over an hours' drive from the city CBD.

What are the best rally car experiences?

At RedBalloon you'll find a range of action-packed rally car experiences that are worth ticking off your bucket list. These range from hot laps, off-road racing, circuits plus more options. Listed below are some of our top-selling rally experiences that are worth booking in and trying for yourself.

  • WRX rally drive: be crowned the ultimate rev-head as you get to experience life behind the wheel of a Turbo WRX. This experience is loaded with fun allowing you to get sideways on a specially designed track. You’ll leave the day feeling like you can conquer any driving mission and it’s definitely one of those driving experiences you’ll be telling all your friends about.
  • Rally drive with hot laps: spend the day treating your inner thrill-seeker whilst driving a rally car. With these packages you'll learn from a professional who will familiarise you with the laps, showing you around the track before you get to drive a few yourself. Then to top it off you get to be in the passenger seat for a flat out hot lap. Now that’s something worth bragging about to all your friends!
  • Rally and drift combo package: be prepared for some serious fun learning to drift on dirt in a purpose built drift car, and rally drive in a turbo rally car. You'll be shown how to have some sensational sideways fun with a professional instructor, as you take a purpose built drift car for a 'spin' around the custom built dirt drift track. Just when you thought you had the hang of drifting, it is time to jump into one of the turbo rally cars and learn a whole new set of rules!

Driving experiences

Now that you have booked in your rally car drive, why not explore the rest of our driving experiences. You'll find a variety of exhilarating and fun options available including V8 hot laps, quad biking, go karting, luxury car hire plus so much more.

"My first lap around I was driving with caution and by the end, the car was covered in dust and it was actually rather hair raising! By the sixth lap, it seemed far more natural." Naomi Simson, November 2021.

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