Swim with Wild Dolphins - Rockingham

Rockingham, Perth, WA



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  • Swim and interact with majestic bottlenose dolphins
  • Scenic cruise of Rockingham's bays and islands
  • Wetsuits, masks and snorkels provided

Experience the exhilarating, unforgettable experience of swimming with wild bottlenose dolphins. With over 20 years of experience, friendship and trust built up with the local dolphins, we offer visitors a unique opportunity to interact with these fascinating creatures in their natural environment.

Why You'll Love This

What's Included?

    Your adventure begins with cruising Rockinghams sheltered bays and islands in search of any of the 200 local dolphins that your crew have come to know as friends. Before long the skipper spots the first group of the day and an excited buzz takes over the boat as the crew ensures you're fully prepared to enter the water. Zip your wetsuits up, masks and snorkels on and make your way to the swim deck- it's time to get wet!

    Sleek, silvery grey dorsal fins start breaking the surface of the water within metres of the back of the boat and the skipper gives the command everyones been waiting for- Go! Suddenly, you are surrounded by flashing grey torpedoes and the water is filled with whistles, splashes and laughter - both human and dolphin. They don't do tricks and we don't feed them, we simply spend some time enjoying each other's company....its a wild encounter!

    On the Day

    Session Length

    Approx 3-6 hours depending on dolphin behaviour, tours may occasionally run longer and allow extra time for coach transfers from Perth. Available 7 days a week from September 1st to June 6th weather permitting.

    Numbers on the Day

    Trips may have a minimum number of 8 persons and maximum number of 42 persons.


    All cruises are weather dependent. Please provide a mobile phone number so that the supplier may contact you on the day of your cruise. If cruise is cancelled due to weather, the supplier will contact you as soon as possible to let you know. Cancelled experiences will be rescheduled for a later date

    Dress Code

    Wear your swimsuit, shirt, shorts and hat. Bring a towel, sunscreen, a warm jacket and camera.

    Other Info

    We enjoy a 99% success with our encounters, however dolphins are wild and free to swim wherever they wish. There is a high probability that you will see dolphins, however this cannot be guaranteed. This makes the experience all the more special when you do see dolphins.
    ... and Importantly


    You don't have to be an expert swimmer to participate and our expert guides have an excellent track record of getting nervous swimmers and first time snorkelers through the experience. Recommended for children 6 years and above.