Unique Gift Ideas

by Claire Young

Do you have someone in your life who is seemingly impossible to buy for? Do you dread that time of year when their birthday rolls around and you wonder how a full 12 months has gone by since the last time you struggled to find a gift? Of course you can't show up to without a present, and you don't want to buy something that you know they won't use or like. "So what to do?" you might ask. This birthday, Christmas or special occasion, go one step further and enrich their life's story with an experience instead. To help you narrow down the search and find the perfect experience that will have their face beaming with joy, we've compiled our top tips to help you become a gifting hero.

Put pen to paper

In order to give the perfect gift,  you need to really think about the person you're buying for. Grab a piece of paper and a pen and write down everything you know about them. Start with simple things like their favourite foods and what they do for a living, try to remember their favourite movies or TV shows, then move on to their hobbies and interests. If you look hard enough, that list should contain everything you need to get them a ripper gift. If they’re constantly suggesting Spanish restaurants you just have to visit, consider buying them a Paella cooking class. If they write books for a living, they might appreciate fancy stationary. If their favourite colour is blue, look for homewares in that hue.

Challenge them

If they’ve had the same New Year’s resolution for the past three years (with no sign of actually completing it) then give them a gift that puts them to the test. If they’ve always wanted to skydive, pool your money with some friends and throw them out of a plane. If they want to get healthy and lose weight, give them something that combines fitness and fun like a flying trapeze class (talk about a core workout!) or a kayaking experience for two (suns out, guns out!). Sometimes the best gifts are the ones people never think to buy for themselves.

Don’t leave it til the last minute

Nothing screams desperation quite like a gift that’s bought on the way to a birthday party. Think service station flowers that are on their last legs, a Christmas hits CD in April or earrings with the price sticker still on the back (bonus points if they don’t have their ears pierced!). If you do happen to be a last minute Larry, then…

Get a thoughtful last-minute gift!

The trick with this one, is to get them something they’d never think to get themselves. Now you might think our next suggestion is the epitome of a thoughtless gift, but gift vouchers can be the perfect present. It’s true! It just depends what the voucher is for. Giving them the gift of a shopping spree at their favourite store or a cinema gift card is far from lazy. If they love James Bond, send them to the newest movie in style – with a Gold Class voucher. Bonus tip: include a toy Aston Martin car with the voucher to show you really went the extra mile.

Stalk up a storm

Flick through Facebook, investigate Instagram and peruse Pinterest. These days, people will put just about anything online – including hints as to what they want for their birthday. This is the perfect place to find inspiration for a gift you know they’ll love! 

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