Melbourne Cup experiences

by Elisa Parry

It’s the race that stops the nation, but it’s over in a flash. Well, roughly just under three and a half minutes. Here are five experiences you could do in the time it takes to win the Melbourne Cup (give or take a couple of minutes).


As the Beach Boys so eloquently said, “Catch a wave and you’re sitting on top of the world”. Ask any surfer and they’ll tell you there is no better feeling. The weather is warming up, so if you’ve never tried taking on the waves before, now’s your chance!

>> Learn to surf here. 

Bungee jumping

The free-fall of a bungee jump takes just 6 seconds! If you’re looking for an even bigger thrill, try a jungle swing where you’ll fly through the forest reaching speeds of 120km/h in 3.5 seconds! 

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Zip line experience

Fly high above the tree tops as your soar along a 300m zip line cable reaching speeds of up to 80km an hour! You can take in the stunning scenery in Cairns and the stunning forests of Tasmania

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Hot lap

Looking for a quick thrill? Hot laps are where it’s at. Nothing prepares you for the roar of that V8 engine as you race around that track. 

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The thrill of the skydiving free-fall takes just 60 seconds, the rest of the ride lasts about 5 minutes as you cruise back down to earth. Put it this way, you’re not going to win first place in the race. But you will win big in the adrenaline stakes. 

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