Shared experiences make great gifts

by Naomi Simson

Four steps to a best ever summer...

Some years ago I wrote a blog post challenging people to put away their mobile phone in thepresence of other human beings (just for 21 days). I got plenty of feedback of people saying how could I suggest such a thing - they had work to do - people to stay in touch with. My intention behind the post has not changed.

As the years go on I have since discovered that Australian’s spend on average 9 hours screen time each day. (Ooops and here you are reading online again). Yet at the same time research tells us that more than anything we want to feel connected. We want to feel a part of something, whether that is with family, friends our community or work.

Are we so busy connecting via the small screen, that we have disconnected?

We talk about the ‘bucket list’ or things we have always wanted to do. How many times have you heard yourself say this year “we must catch up” yet you don’t - but as we near the end of the year did you get any of them done? Maybe as we approach the Christmas period you could achieve both.

If you are like me right now I feel completely inundated with messages of ‘buy!’ ‘buy!’ ‘buy!’ and as we get closer to Christmas this becomes more overwhelming, yet I do know that I need to make an effort. It is the time of year to say thank-you, to let my family, friends and colleagues know that they are important and I really care. I might have been rushing around all year - busy busy but if I don’t make an effort with my friends I wont have any. Now is that time!

It is time to connect - in person. The real deal.

I love Christmas and summer as a full stop to the year, a time to appreciate people around me, a time to dream for the new year - and plan some adventures.

Questions to ask yourself:

Step 1. Make a list of who you want to spend more time with

Step 2. Open your calendar and find several dates

Step 3. Choose something to do together that you have always wanted to do.

Step 4. Take lot’s of selfies doing the experience…

Maybe even consider for your next ‘gifting occasion’ really #ExperienceGifting. What I mean by that is that brief moment just after you pass over the red envelope and your loved one opens it to discover…what you have selected to do together. That look on their face is amazement or wonder or simply delight and surprise. It can be oh so very subtle - I must have given thousands of RedBalloon experiences over the years, and the moment that I captured of my daughter recently is why I never tire of it.

When the look on their face says it all!

I feel great when I know I have chosen something that is exactly perfect - and doing it together is doubly great.

Here’s a trick - what about sending this link to some of your nearest and dearest and get them to fill in their wishlist, compare what you want to do and then make a plan.

We know that the small screen is an amazing tool to stay connected, but this summer make a plan to #ExperienceGifting and do a bunch of things together.

If you click here and leave us your details - we will remind you occasionally of how we can get you #ExperienceGifting. 

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