Helicopter ride Sydney

The sky really is the limit when you embark on a helicopter ride over Sydney! See the city and its world famous attractions from spectacular heights and tick a helicopter ride Sydney off your bucket list. Gift yourself or someone else a flight over Sydney, over its picturesque beaches or surroundings including the beautiful Blue Mountains. Discover all the amazing helicopter ride Sydney experiences from RedBalloon today!
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9 Results

The top helicopter flights over Sydney on RedBalloon

Have you always dreamt of seeing the world from up high? Stop dreaming and start living thanks to a helicopter ride Sydney! There is so much to discover on your flying adventure over Sydney and its surrounds, you’ll wonder why you haven’t experienced it earlier. These are also the perfect gift ideas if you’re looking for an experience that will go above and beyond anything they have received before. Imagine the look of surprise and delight on their face as they open their gift and discover they’ll be venturing off on a scenic helicopter flight over the city. For the ultimate gift, why not give a helicopter ride sydney for 2 people so you can tag along too and create amazing memories together.

How to prepare for a helicopter ride?

When you book your helicopter tour with RedBalloon, we take care of a lot of the preparation for you! We have a few recommendations to help make your experience seamless on the day.

1. Check your booking in advance to make sure all the details are confirmed, especially if there are any concerning weather conditions. Your flight might be rescheduled due to strong winds, rain, low cloud with no signs of improvement. The provider will contact you directly to confirm your experience in this case.
2. Dress appropriately for the experience including wearing sensible shoes and comfortable clothing. We recommend not taking any loose jewellery or items just to be on the safe side. Please do not also bring heavy luggage.
3. Please ensure you pack photo identification on the day to confirm the booking matches that of the participant. Some of our experiences allow you to bring family and friends to watch you take off and land but please check with the supplier you have booked.
4. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture the amazing views you will see during your experience.

Is there a minimum age limit for helicopter rides?’

The minimum age limit for a helicopter ride varies depending on the RedBalloon experience you pick. For a majority of the Sydney helicopters, the minimum passenger age is 2 years but those between 2-16 years old must travel with a parent or guardian. It is required you inform the supplier at the time of booking if any of the passengers have any physical or intellectual handicap for no other reason that they can accommodate and help you as best as possible.

For the black ops helicopter flight mission, minimum age for travel is 10 years old with the doors off option or 3 years for the doors on option. All passengers between the age 3 and 18 years must be accompanied by at least 1 adult. For the doors off helicopter aerial photography flight, the minimum age is 16 years if accompanied by an adult.

Is there turbulence on a helicopter ride?

Experiencing turbulence on a helicopter ride is very unlikely because of their flexible blades and design. If the pilot is worried about experiencing bad turbulence on a flight most likely because of the weather conditions (extreme wind, rain etc), they will cancel and reschedule the flight to another time that is safe to operate.

How to book a helicopter ride in Sydney?

There are a few simple steps involved for booking your helicopter ride in Sydney on RedBalloon.

1. Go to RedBalloon’s website and browse through our range of helicopter rides Sydney until you’ve found the perfect experience for you. Add this to your cart and follow the steps at check out.
2. Once you’ve paid for your experience you will receive a confirmation email with all the details and next steps for redeeming and booking in your flight. Ensure you provide the supplier a few options to ensure they can accommodate you as best as possible. If this experience is a gift, on the experience voucher you give them there are steps outlined on how they can redeem and book in the experience on our website.
3. Shortly after you will receive an email form the supplier confirming the time and date your helicopter ride Sydney is booked in for! Enjoy

What will I see on my helicopter ride in Sydney?

With RedBalloon’s helicopter flights over Sydney, you will discover amazing panoramic views of the city and its famous attractions. Depending on the experience you choose you will see the city CBD, fly over the coastline and beaches and even continue up to the Blue Mountains for the ultimate tour. Listed below are some of our customers favourite helicopter rides, each providing different breathtaking views.

1. Helicopter flight over Sydney – 30 minutes: see Sydney Harbour and its coastal wonders from the comfort of a helicopter. Departing from Sydney airport, this 30 minute flight takes in Manly and Bondi beach before entering the harbour and the amazing views that makes Sydney world renowned. These include the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, city skyline plus so much more.
2. Scenic helicopter flight to Blue Mountains – 90 minutes: take to the skies for an incredible helicopter flight to the Blue Mountains, departing from Sydney. Soak up panoramic views of the World Heritage listed area including the Three Sisters, Katoomba, Megalon Valley and Jamison Valley, before making your way back to Sydney via the iconic Harbour.
3. Private helicopter flight and Doyles Lunch for 2 people: experience a private, luxury helicopter flight and dining experience that you will never forget. You and your partner will see Sydney’s Coastal wonders including Sydney Harbour, then enjoy a lunch at one of Sydney’s finest restaurants in Watson’s Bay.

Choose a helicopter ride Sydney wide from RedBalloon and see the city in a way you never have before. See the world famous harbour, parramatta River, Bondi beach plus plenty of other attractions from a birds eye view. If you’re looking for other helicopter rides in NSW, discover our range of experiences in the Hunter Valley, South Coast, North Coast and more here